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Shot by: Will Chang, Chris Chinn
Edited by: Xiaohan Liu


Hey says:

What are the players names that went to your school?

pj.repak says:

This is a great channel but i think they r a little too critical o both shoes

Nick Rosati says:

These Asian faggots

Joaqs G says:

Song during the verdict?

Brennan Green says:

Do the Kyrie 2

Myles Lowhar says:

U niggas are wack curry a bitch ass nigga this man choked a 3-1’lead is he still better than lebron bitch ass nigga

Chris Johnson says:

Try the Kd 9

Michael Keating says:

why do davids feet kick back while shooting

KoRe Quake says:

so cool you just earned a sub

Daniel Adnan says:

is the LeBron 13 elite is more wider in the toe than the LeBron 13

skippie 2100 says:

More more more!

Udyr Udyr says:

I have a kinda fat calves so do you think kd 8 elites would look goood to me?

David Johnson says:

you guys make no sense I have both of those shoes and I both great

2 lettazzz says:

these niggas slicc hard doe

Ultimate Gamer says:

KDs are better

Erick Gutierrez says:

Your a bad review channel

Rhys Williams says:

They got to remember that the shoe is made for the player and how they play

Gabe Grossman says:

Dude the ladder? :):):):):):):)

Forrest Schroeder says:

This vid sucked ass

Erick Gutierrez says:

Thats why the you get the KD 8 and your the only channel that said the KD 8 dont get the job done


Who went to the NBA from your highschool?

Ahong Davidcaniago says:

yo david the cavs won the finals so shout out to lebron and the rest of the team

A Person says:

Cough Cough warriors blew a 3-1

Nicole Dulay says:

yeah its like hyper dunk i like it

K.L .A.P says:

try lebron 13 low

Jacob Andrei says:

fung bros i like to see a review of air jordan trainer 1 mid on basketball

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