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Hey Guys! Thank you for tuning in to Nightwing Knows, previously known as askNightwing. Today I’m going over My Top 5 Basketball Shoes for those with Wide Feet that are available right now.

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Ryan Belden says:

Hey I have arthritis and I need a wide width basketball shoe I got the b8s added as basketball shoe bit there to to tighten around the front and side of my foot any suggestions I’ve only wore them 3 times on the court so there practically brand new in got the at the finish line shoe store

Rin Maru says:

And I saw ur marvel legends collections tho 😉 all great dx

Raphael Paulo Lozada says:

Thanks nightwing! I have been finding a video like this..

abdu ali says:

what about shoes for flat feet…. stability basketball shoes for over pronation

Al Kider says:

So I got a weird right foot. Even though I dont have wide feet, my right foot has a weird bone protrusion where my pinkie toe ends at the curve of the forefoot (5th metatarsal) and is about the size of half a small cherry. Stupid me didnt even notice till I started buying more expensive shoes in my 20’s and my dickies leather work shoes would hurt my right foot. So I made that realiastion I just said above when I compared my feet. I went and bought a 4D wide pair of dickies and they are way better with no more pain, cept now my left foot slides around a bit in the forefoot but its not a real problem at work as I dont have to cross anyone (cept john, fuck john).

I bought some shaqnosis based on your review for outdoor shoes and they are sick, so comfortable with performance 2-3x higher than the price of the shoe ($60) but I want something for indoor. I like the idea of those flyknit hyperdunks but I aint paying $200, are there any other flyknit bball shoes around the $100 mark? Ive never paid more than $140 for my lebron 11’s which I dont wear.

Good work dude, keep it up.

Renzo Algenio says:

the real call for wide feet is flat footed

kraziivan23 says:

thank you so much for this video Nightwing2303. i always had problem getting shoes due to my wide feet

Luis Roman says:

GREAT video bro. Would love to see one with the best forefoot cushioned shoes. that’s probably my most important thing after fit for my wide ass feet lol

JessPavley says:

i have wide feet and any shoe actually works for me mostly

Arian says:

Thanks. My feet are wide 🙁

xXFiReXx says:

Are the CURRYS 2 good?

Jack Sung says:

Altra is wide, but not basketball shoes

Balltor Doge says:

Would you consider the D Rose 7 a wide foot friendly shoe?

Minh Nguyen says:

Can we get an updated list?

Rke404 says:

Hey nightwing are taxi 12’s wide

Vinson Rafael says:

Are the kd9’s good for wide footers??? I feel like kd’s tend to go narrow… But this year it has flyknit..

Will23 23 says:

The LeBron 13 ELITE are also good for wide foot guys.

John Chen says:

I’m a size 11 and a width of 3.5 inches am I a wide footer ?? Plz help me out

CoolKiddieYanna says:

what abt roshes

Kimiedex Capz says:

whats the shoes under the spiderman figure?

Noah Baldwin says:

Jordan 1 ko’s work for wide footers just don’t play ball in them

Johnny Vang says:

What about the 2015 hyperdunks?

Mkhitar Khodaverdian says:

great shoes but have a question ! I wanna buy a new shoe but my foots are really really wide . I heard that d rose 7 would be good for me . so I don’t know what to do . I’m wearing size 12 and I’m power forward ! please help and if there is another shoe , pleas let me know . and also I want a really strong shoe. thanks

Zhanrui Liao says:

Hyperdunk 2016 Elite fits extremely narrow in the forefoot! I just tried them on in store today.

Dakota Smith says:

Right after ten months, waking up is no longer scary for me. I was always troubled about having my heel down before since it will cause the hot, pounding soreness but I don`t mind it any longer. This plantar fasciitis treatment method “mula shocking plan” (Google it) has achieved treating my plantar fasciitis in short time.

Kold Kickz says:

How about the Melo M12

Daniel Zgrabljić says:

yo i need some outdoor shoes i play on fuckin devils concrete even my mentality 2s ran out in 2-3 months of everyday play.

damienmalchus says:

Thank you for this list!

rawfiki says:

Im a wide footer. I can personally say that the lillard 2 is the best shoe that ive been able to play in. I actually made a mi adidas with the suede option, and the suede is so soft it was basically THE BEST fit for me. I’m about 5’4″ – 5’5″ 180 – 190 lbs usually play off the ball so im running around trying to get open looks, so the lillard 2 is the shoe that ive found that works best for me since the kobe 8. Also, your reviews on them is the reason why I even bought the shoes. Keep up the great work! Really happy for what you’ve been able to do for us.

Gonzalo Rivadeneyra says:

the ua rocket is similar to the ua fireshot?

Revo Pat says:

guys my feet are wide, i wear size 14 shoes but i cant run that long because my feet hurts, (im not fat) . am i having a problem ?

Brom White says:

+Nightwing2303 what are your thoughts on the Champion Playmakers in relation to wide footed people?

Ethan Allard says:

if you have a wide foot then you can get most shoes because they will stretch. But the only downside is that it hurts like hell for about 12 hours of wearing them.

Kirk Pio says:

Hey bro! Could you do an updated version of this ? Thanks 😀

The GOAT says:

Is being flat footed the same as being a wide footer? I’m flat footed and have to get insoles and all that which is a pain. Need a good hoop shoe for being flat footed. Any suggestions?

farris kabalaoui says:

I heard that the hyperdunk 2016 are narrow and not good for people with wide feet… is that true? @nightwing2303

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