My Top 5: Performance Picks of 2017… So Far

Hey Guys! Here are my top 5 performance picks of 2017 so far.

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bball131523 says:

omg how come no crazy explosive 2017

legendary.11 says:

i thought the dame 3 released in 2016

Mateo Colon says:

The Lillards are only 70 at finish line

Zach Walton says:

I only have one pair of shoes that I hoop in and it’s the curry 3’s

Danny Joyce says:

can you do a video on your favorite shoes to ball in of all time?

Dame 3 says:

I thought I’m the only one who loves the Dame 3

TankPot TM says:

What’s A Good Shoe For Like A Bulky Guard? Because I’m Built More Like An Isaiah Briscoe

Andrew Lego says:

I have the Nike Zoom Live 2017 PE GIannis. 🙂

Ansh Reddy says:

Which ones are better for an outdoor gaurd dame 3s or harden 1s??pls answer

Özgür Bürge says:

D Rose 7 is still the GOAT

dreamyu430 says:

U gotta do a top 5 shoes Period. Do this twice a year so we know what’s up!

Tacsi111 says:

The Dame 3 is amazing. You just have to find the right holes for the laces. I play 4/5 in them. If you are not a super slow/power player you can profit from this shoe.

Hackel says:

Kobe 9

Sean Green says:

The Dame 3 is comfy as hell. I still rock my Flyknit Hypers all blacks. Can’t beat that responsive zoom cushion

Youtube channel says:

please do top budget shoes that is great to play for you

Harrison C. says:

I love these reviews, they are basic and easy to follow. I don’t play basketball all the time, but i like the way the shoes look better than a lot of running shoes so I wanted to get a pair to wear casually and for some basketball. I really already had liked the Dame 3s, but I heard that they were kinda narrow. I have a slightly wide foot, do you think they would still fit? If not is there any shoes you could recommend that are slightly wider?

Fred Odeta says:

harden volume 1’s are beastly

Kirato Mercader says:

do harden LS

Özgür Bürge says:

1.D Rose7
2. KD9
3. Zoom Live
4.Soldier 11s
5. Harden 1s
Broke man’s list

Nyle Omar says:

my go to “switch out” shoe in my bag continues to be my LeBron 11’s. if my foot gets tired from the shoe I walk into the gym with or the court is too dusty #BOOM switch out to the LeBron 11

cedricchinable says:

Where’s pg1?

Ater Beng says:

1.Dame 3, 2. Harden vol.1, 3.KD 9 elite and finally PG 1

Daniel Morales says:

UA drive 4?

TheGamingGT says:

U deserve more subs!

Tutorsket BR says:

The Kyrie 3 is my go to right now, because the traction makes me feel secure when I make hard stops and cuts, and I love that rounded outsole

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