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micheal Knight says:

Why is it that on YouTube only tiny unathletic guys review hoop sneakers? Mfers wear a size 8 lol id paste your shit to the back board bruh. I hate this shit. Idk why normal size hoopers never review shit

Jamis Mirs says:

No matter how you promote this shoes. This is a nope for me.

dee says:

Just trying to get a good shoe because I can’t try them on

dee says:

Did they run true to size because all my Kobes are size 11?

Paul Williams says:

Kobe’s are actually the best looking basketball shoes

knoble knob says:

“nike check mark”

basketball 365 says:

Got them,even though I dropped 275 $on them, definitely buying the other colorway!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jarvis Kemp says:

Rich where can I get that sideway Nike shirt

CHRxSTN24 says:

That’s true Rich, don’t sleep on this colorway guys even though it has that icy sole because sometimes Nike does some really ugly colorways.

SurgeXL says:

Don’t buy it’s all hype

Keenan Gude says:

How would they fit a wide foot

spirit4chris says:

When are they going back on sale

NAWledge J says:

9/10 cushion but too much court feel? what are you guys talking about?

Qadree J says:

Looking for 12.5

Fishy Net says:

I would cop if i have the budget, but nah i’ll go for cheaper one.

Techno-Virus 757 says:

…I’m waiting for the Laker colorway. (yellow)

Chandler is that guy says:

I don’t really like react cushioning

Super Saiyan Calvin says:

so you put the red thing in when you where it

Danny Villamizar says:

who else cringed when he said “nike check mark”

Vishnu Lachansin says:

What bounce you want you wanna fly 20 inches high midget havin ass

MrThemorningsun says:

lonzo gonna rock these next season..gods plan.

PanzerTV says:

so u have less hops in these? then thats not a cop…

richard chang says:

How much do they weigh? Ounces?

Brian H To says:

It looks like the went away with the outrigger on the NXT 360s, is that right? And how does it feel now that it’s gone – still stable when making those hard cuts?

Joel Rivera says:

What kind of pants are you wearing when showing the on feet

Adam Nguyen says:

Hey richie, can you find all of videos about basketball shoes and add them to a playlist?? Thank you so much!

starz gonzales says:

Nahhh…..easy pass… Overpriced/ overhyped kicks…full length zoom air under the insole i prefer than react foam…

Franson Ferguson says:

excited much ?

Amare Funches says:

Y’all wanna know how to be Tan?
Smack ur lips say mhmmm and nod ur head BAM ur TANTANG AKA PRETTY RICOO

Patrick Davis says:

these niggas mention nothing about fit… true to size….. run big? all the other stuff not relevant to everyone ….

Freedom Tube says:

Can anyone inform where they got these

Alex Maybury says:

Am I the only mans looking for a new hoop shoe and all these guys be saying “ this fo a lil man” and I’m out here playing like a combo of Kyrie and bron. What shoe am I meant to pick up?

ザンギャ【DBH】 says:


Brad Dees says:

I dont like the shape of this shoe, the colorway and design is fly I just hate the shape

Lajoshua Playz says:

Correction it’s four sneakers in the ad line

Augie Carlson says:

How TF do these fools have these and Nightwing doesn’t?

Shane Thompkins says:

There has now been 4 ADs. AD, AD NXT, AD mid, AD 360

Beverly Warren says:

u forgot the kobe ad nxt

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