Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Performance Test| (Flyknit vs Standard Version)

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Khris Wilkerson says:

Tre ate the box

Eddie Rodriguez says:

Yooo Bradley is training with kickgenius // dood gonna be real nice with the rock

Spencer Conway says:

Its the chain Jay!!! thats how we know you about you bred like a retro lol

JahRee Barber says:

Bruh ik this nigga JJones did not just tease us with bars? #ButHeNotARapper XD

Tj's world says:

I hope you guys reach 1 million subs by the end of the year.

Derrion Finao says:

2 chains on call him jay jones #Ep?

Kaden Green says:

Hey could u do a video for the best shoes for a point guard

Riley Lidey says:

What’s the song in the background when they are testing the shoe?

Jimmy Scaneli says:

You should do a performance test for every Jordan from 1 to 23

TheHSdropout says:

50k on his neck man

JcFNG says:

+Kickgenius i’ve been rockin with yall about 3 years now….. still havn’t found none better…. ps yall channel aniverseryis October 11, and what happened to the real nigga backboard

Kris8168 says:

still waiting for the D Rose 7 review

Tito Uzodinma says:

They may not have a million subscribers but they have the best fan base here on youtube, 7k+ likes and only 37 dislikes…………#Astonishing

GOLDEN 1Ge2VaGSaVS says:

i would pick the standard version cause of the support

NF Plays says:

KickGenius how about a Performance Test of Jordan Superfly 5

Will Mahney says:

Could you do a video on the d rose 7

Elijah Dela Cruz says:

Just got the flyknit hyperdunks. Great, solid performer, great hoop shoe, but definitely not worth $200. Cmon Nike, if you can sell the KD9 at $150, which has the same flyknit material in the front half, and full length zoom, then why can’t you do the same for the hyperdunks?

Nathan Kabongo says:


Yong Ting says:

do a review of drose 7 and harden crazy light boost

Luke Allison says:

They look dope but the flyknit will not support you enough.

Yung Stoops says:

finally something new from them

Martin Lubajo says:

great vid

Jonathan Hall says:

That got the nerve to post on video, then keeps us waiting again off 3 days, that’s alot considering that didn’t post in 1 month

Eric S says:

How tall is j jones?

chino Mndza says:

the fit had me crackin

GOLDEN 1Ge2VaGSaVS says:

post more please I love you guys:)

Neil MacDonald says:

Dope video as always, much love and respect from Montreal, Qc, Canada

T3RnaL_Haz3 says:

Is there gonna be a review on the adidas crazy explosive?

Jacob Serrano says:

That’s wassup.

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