Nike KD 11 Performance Review!


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WGL says:

Are these good for the guard? I’m a shooting guard and a great 3 pt shooter I usually shoot kinda like Klay expect I can dribble and drive would these be good for me?

Phillipians 4:13 says:

Donny= Eminem? Yes or No?

Angus o says:

I have a wide as foot the Kd hits so good once u wear it in


So far, I still like the 10s better than these. But kds are mostly comfortable.

Mariah Boston says:

I wish the lock down was earlier in the vid because that’s an automatic no if the lockdown is bad

Chicken Nuggets says:

React is going to help it from not popping

Carter Iversen says:

When does the KD 11 Academy come out?

Joey Golden says:

@2:25 I hope that dude was throwing a medicine ball and not shooting a jumper

kou moua says:

Wear testers review was the opposite lol. I didn’t like them.

Gryzzi says:

Just randomly bought these cause the store didn’t have the one I wanted……

gee dee says:

Still rather ball in the Jordan 11. Best performance shoe of all time. MJ proved that.

Aid0c says:

The KD 11 is literally impossible to put on.

Baxterr says:

Are they true to size?

slim sammy says:

Anyone else get blisters from these

figy no pls says:

i tried these on and i rolled my ankle…

Evan joseph says:

fuck u for that squeak test that is so gay u fag

Andy Garcia says:

If I’m a size 11 in the PG 1 should I get a size 11 in the KD 11?

Gimix Gaming says:

Do another top 10 casual wear basketball shoes vid

Tristan Pastor says:

Gooday guys! How do u compare the KD 11 cushion with react compared to lebron 15? Is it better?

Duc Anh Pham says:

Finally a good intro


The heel tab = death to achilles

renzo bulan says:

Hey SoleBrothers, make the Kyrie Low performance review please

Lean Nikkels says:

Wich one would you recomment kd 11 or lebron 15 low im 6″1 and
230 pounds

CubeGypto says:

Paranoid, EYBL, or Multicolor?

AceOwTV says:

can you use these shoes as a daliy shoe , no sport just like day to day?

Asd Mrnd says:

You are eating the words. Wew

Midnightrunner X says:

I wish they made those with a single big air bag as the cushion and just stuck some traction on bottom

Raul Iglesias says:

“Mmhhhmm, yeah”

Victoria Hayden says:

Am I the only one who has an irritating pain in my Achilles when I wear these?

Greyson Denson says:

I can’t get my kd 11s to stick to the court

Jay dwarfgiants says:

yo Donny boy, talk more. I feel this review is for light players who cant feel any cushion ever! Give us your input occasionally.

Nathan Fromme says:

The kd great outdoors they hold up well they have good grip they are confortable. I’m 6 foot five I weigh over 200 pounds and I play on these on a concrete court every day zero signs of wear. Cushion is great these guys have no idea what they are talking about.

gee dee says:

I might get these for my toddler. Might.

Joe Worster says:

These shoes are only good for broken ankles. I had the 9’s during my senior volleyball season a year ago and god forbid you ever come down on someones foot, they all sit up way too high and have no lateral support so you WILL roll your ankle. Sprained my left one twice and broke my right ankle playing in the 9’s and these don’t seem any better. Trash shoe, and the support on these should never be sugarcoated, the only good thing about any of these shoes are the looks and traction.

Deshawn Gilchrist says:

going down half a size will fix containment and support issues. foot will stay on foot bed.

chris roman says:

Break your ankles asap 11s

EVERYTHING ! ! says:

Course he can’t feel the cushion he ain’t even 6ft

Julie-Ann Millar says:

I got them today the rainbow colourway

BeastBros says:

Legend says sammy still can’t feel shit

Reese Jones says:

Would wearing an ankle brace like the ASO give this shoes enough support? I have bad ankles and was wanting this shoes but If the support is that bad I wasnt sure if the braces would make it good enough?

Christopher Rivera says:

For those who had said that they beat around the bush with the scoring, they said these shoes ain’t good and even their scoring system said likewise. Nightwing had said similar things about these shoes too in regards of reviewing them.

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