Nike Kobe 11 Performance Review!

What’s good yall, here is the performance review and some of my thoughts on the Nike Kobe 11. WHHHHHAAAAAAA!! *insert fire emoji.

Link to purchase the Nike Kobe 11

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Shout out to my sister, Emily Chan!

Shot by: Guan Chan
Edited by: Aramis Klein


Hero 10 says:

Shoes matches hair color and matches jersey and pants

Brian Kim says:

I will personally give the kobe 8.5 out of 10 because I don’t like the full length zoom insole like half zoom and half lunarluan

Luis Montana says:

In your opinion, do you think basketball makes you taller? Nice video though

artsy.girl.57 says:

that the bruce lee colorway

Senpai Alpacca says:

Hey if you get the non translucent sole the traction is amazing

Wosty Frost says:

I love this channel! My favorite basketball related channel ever!

J G says:

There more like soccer shoes ⚽

0015orange says:

Are U Chinese?

Dan Lins says:

should i get these the kobe elite 9s or the kobe elite 10s for hoops

Evelio Perea says:

Got them for 120 at footlocker

lee young says:

Nice shot.

Emmanuel Madrazo says:

That girl trash at basketball

Jessica Simmons says:

before u guys say
u got crosses by a girl
i didnt cross him
i stepped on his shoe

PriceLife says:

Even his hair matches the fit

Adriano Lima says:

Beautiful shoes.

kyle chico says:

Never thought Jeremy Lin wearing Kobe 11.

Evelio Perea says:

I have the solid ruber outsole and it is awsome


This vid is old but were those the Bruce Lee Kobe 11s?

Kanon says:

LOL that cantonese at the end. hilarious. #AznPRIDE 4 lyfe.

Santiago Lopez says:

Just copped the kobe 11 usa for $112

Mlg Bleach says:

If only someone would just walk in the court and give me a expensive pair of shoes lmao

omfg Sheep says:


Alexander Austin says:

lol at this whole video, handles has nothing to do with his handles and it’s terrible acting don’t bother going to the Oscars next year and he threw away the tens… why you get them in the first place and lastly he thinks Bruce Lees gonna make him ball better
I’m over it lol

NBA live mobile God says:

And his shorts

unsubscribe dude says:

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Landon Revis says:


K.L .A.P says:

pls review on kobe mentality 2

omfg Sheep says:

hey yo nel what song is that

LAsneakerHead says:

4:02 “wayayaa…oh……”

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