Nike Kobe AD Exodus performance review. Be on the look out for a more extensive review in a few weeks, as this is just a first impression on Kobe’s newest sneaker.

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adidas Harden BE/X – Performance Review:

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i_ rozariohh says:

They kinda look like a mix of Kyries and Curry’s with Kobe’s touch.

King James says:

Have you tried estbay

aidan 808 says:

808 all day bro he’ll yeah you stay in Hawaii?

Redhood1431 31 says:

Is the full review coming soon?

Ken Salvino says:

They should do more chaos colorways in kobes more orten

pawan hada says:

JAHRONMON could you tell me which would be better for outdoor use between the harden vol 2 and the kyrie 4. Plz reply me.

Jared Schaecher says:

Just got these they stick to the floor like glue. Somewhat tight toe box. Great price overall they look great and perform well

sumrush says:

Kobe’s suck

Marc Ardee Daquina says:

How’s the sizing?

Laker Logic says:

Looks more like a Paul George model.

Blackn' Proud says:

I bought these and to this day I will NEVER PLAY in these shoes. My knee structurally could’ve exploded. The traction is TRASH . My right knee slid forward at an awkward angle and I felt a pop. Few hours later my knee was swollen. Its day three since then and I’m feeling better but never again. I went back to my Ldbron 16’s Bread. I mb a bigger dude so I need that cushioning and grip. Nike y’all trippin. Dangerous shoes. I’m gonna sell these or just trash them.

Fumihiro says:

Is this good for outdoor?

Neeko H. says:

I got 3 pair. I love this shoe

Sedfrey Fernandez says:

Hey Jahronmon! Great video and thank you for all your hard work. Quick question- do you plan on doing a review on the Jordan Ultra Fly 3s?

Bruce Xiao says:

just wanna ask does anyone know if these are true to size?

Angel Lawless says:

JAHRONMON so…do you like the colorway or nah?

ToniVvv says:

The orange ball is *culture*

Thee Parris Hill says:

These shits are live. Hopefully they drop a good amount of colors or allow us to id.

Sasha Koenig says:

so are these considered low tops or mid tops?

artis ambus says:

the colorway looks gay

Dustin Rea says:

TLDR: Shoes don’t grip. I bought a pair before watching the review, my pair also doesn’t grip. I feel like I’m ice skating out here.

Jose Medina says:

Jahronmon do you know if the XDR outdoor can be used for indoor use or are they going to get ruined or something like that? Pls can you answer the question.

NJ Sampiano says:

It looks like the kyrie 3.

Hello There says:

These are fire tf y people hate these copped a Nike Id pair after this vid

Sebastien Vince Martinez says:

Just bought it today, after i bought it, i immediately watch this.

Meh, I’ll deal with it

Suyen Pillar Monforte says:

Hey jahronmon may i ask you a question this new kobe ad can fit to a wide footer guy

Juhhh Revvv says:

Is the dhgate store a safe store to order shoes? They seem to be too cheap

Jean-Paul Kawas says:

Why do most sneakerhead guys on Youtube sound the same

Jackson F says:

i’m a skinny 6’5 foward. would these be a good cop?

JMC 3147 says:

WAITING FOR THE FULL REVIEW FAM!! appreciate the content as usual, keep doing you.

nexelg says:

The best court for these are those painted concrete courts, dust or no dust.

Uranus says:

Looks like a shoe you can wear and not just only play basketball with lol

lukas Lukas says:

Why are the new basketball sneakers always low? I am feared auf spraining my ankle again.
Sorry for my english im german

Pietro Verdi says:

where you can buy it online?

伍綽霖 says:

can you please do a review on d.rose 9
thank you so much

Splashmoney 14 says:

How about the kd 11

Sung Ham says:

Hey I like how you review sneakers on your videos. Very helpful, thanks for sharing

Alan Su says:

is this iron horse gym?

Schwaggy D says:

Where’s the extensive review now?

LeBron James says:

Please do a review on adidas pro bounce low

Kevin Samson says:

Is that Solid sole or Translucent sole?

Yoshi 123 says:

R u from Hawaii? I noticed your 808 all day shirt.

Oliver Wacey says:

Are these shoes good for normal causal wear? I would really like to hear your opinion about them before I buy them.

KillerQuads12 Yeet says:

It looks like an early and overdone concept design of the Kyrie 3

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