Nike Kyrie 2 Performance Review!

What’s good everyone, here is another performance review featuring the Kyrie 2! Shout out to my boy Kev for being apart of the vid!

Link to purchase Kyrie 2!

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Kevin Wang

Shot by: Jerry Lin
Edited by: Jerry Lin


Max Vacha says:

I actually didn’t like this pair cause of that E on the side I can’t were it as an casual shoe

Ashton Clemments says:

I have both reallly every curry and Kyrie

Ave Milly says:

Getting ready to head out and buy a new pair of shoes to ball in, which is the best? Price doesn’t matter.

Ashton Clemments says:


TotalGaming TV says:

I Love The Intro it’s Like A Commercial

Devon Desouza says:

What do you guys think is better Kyrie 2 or Kobe 9

Ethan Benjamin says:

What’s better Kyrie 2or adidas crazylightboost 2016 in performance ?

Эля Иванова says:

Great sportsmen chineese cool, this guy buy shoes here

Sebastian Flocke says:

Still more cushioning than my SB Zoom Stefan Janoski…


The other guy was having a seizure while revuing

SwiftLegend HD says:

What is the music called

Ronald Avalos says:


Alyssa Carin says:

Kyrie 2s or kobe 11s?

Imani Yako says:


swish life says:

put in a insole for more cushion I did and the shoes are great with it

Rony Rickson Sunny says:

Can anyone tell me the name of music played in the background……..?????

DragonWolf23 says:

currys cuz it has better cushoning

Chanze Mcdaniel says:

no life for real

bgmnknnth1534 says:

Im deciding on whether or not I should get kyrie 2’s or curry 2’s.
Ive been working out and been jumping higher so ive been getting rebounds
I still am quick and do crossovers moves
Which would be best for me?

Chubbykoalas 69 says:

Bunch of weirdos

Chanze Mcdaniel says:

them some crazy kyries on your foot bruh

Fireboy 360 says:

The shoe is great but the only problem is the strap when your trying to tie you shoe it gets in the way all the time

SuPar Camel says:

I’m the same height as Nelson and just started touching the rim. I’m 14

Marion Lester Covacha says:

+Hoop and Life What is the song that you used in the intro?

Rijobandz ひ says:

Y dude on the right look like he on fast foward

Jophelle Layos says:


Mike vlogs says:

How’s it going Nelson, are you going to do a Kyrie 3 performance test

Dan Lins says:

these or kobe 11 elites

Jnyus Davis says:


Wongster Wong says:

Kyrie are for performance bc they have better traction and is very durable but lacks comfort which is bad for your feet. you might get blisters I heard. Curry is better comfortable, is more lightweight than kyries and they fit your foot much better than they adjust to it. Is this true? I’m thinking of getting kyries but I’m kinda sticking to curry for the comfort.

pvm warchief says:

i bought the kyrie 2s today fam there so comfortable im wearing them in my house with the white nikie shocks that dunk was l=it fam

Skillz4Sale PC says:

Kyrie 2 vs Soldier 10 vs Curry 3

JustineGaming TV says:

Nelson what are your go to’s

LAsneakerHead says:

put a insole in their and your fine lol

Forrest Jacobs says:

Where do you get the Duke Kyrie 2. I love duke and those are dope

Marion Lester Covacha says:

Yow Guys!!! Do you know what this Song is?

TheGamingBasketballer says:


pichy20013 says:

how cringeworthy can this get

Jaden Perry says:

I thought the dude that was shooting before was left handed

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