Nike Kyrie 4 Performance Review

Hey guys! Here is a detailed performance review on the Nike Kyrie 4!

The Nike Kyrie 4 will be available at starting December 20:

More Performance Info:

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Where We going. says:

Great review.

HOOP-N-ART says:

Are these okay for wide footers?

h7p3 b34st says:

i love ur voice

Chris Crisanto says:

I don’t know if I should get the Garden Vol.2 or the Kyrie 4’s, please help.

Owen Woodard says:

do they fell chunky on foot

Garret Buckmaster says:

Kyrie 4 or dame 4?

Peter Tran says:

did u like the kyrie 4 more than the westbrook zero.1? same price which would you buy if you had to pick one?

Kai Laluces says:

i like them but why does it feel so bulky for a skinny person tho

Jymjy Lobaton says:

I bought the lebron 15 over these cus colorways in my place wasn’t the best

Gavin McLaughlin says:

I just got those!!!

Udit Pradhan says:

Are these good for outdoors?

Dondonmixedflip says:

Yo, can you do the adidas ilation 2.0 for all us broke boys?

Russell WestBrick says:

Does it fit true to size for flat footers tho? Cause i have a Flat ass foot and shoes always and up either too tight or too loose depending on the design. (For example, the Kyrie 3s which were WAY too tight even after attempting to wear them out)

Christian Salandanan says:

What’s the title of the intro song?

KemaTheDilemma says:

Question for you, you didn’t find the length of this shoe a bit shorter in comparison to the Kyrie 3s? I wear Kyrie 3s daily (size 11.5) and it fits perfectly (perfect amount of toe space) however, 11.5 in the Kyrie 4s my big toe is touching the front of the shoe = I need to get size 12 (which makes its fit in length compared to the Kyrie 3s just a few mm longer than my size 11.5 in the Kyrie 3s)

Yuan Ramos says:

Kyrie 4 or kobe ad nxt 360?

Joaquim Rukawa says:

Sir are they good at concrete baskeball court?

Nicolas Lim says:

Kyrie 4, Dame 4 or PG 2

TheBoss77 says:

Kyrie get full length zoom, but not us. RIP

Dwane Carter says:

Fam…. great review, but you was hooping against some scrubs lol

Jeremy Alviedo says:

Are these good for outdoor?

808sandBlvke says:

The zoom in the heel helps on defense when backpedaling and whatnot.

Marcus Cheng says:

A few people like the flytraps more, which to choose

Lloyd Yu says:

I’m choosing between the Kyrie 4, PG2, PG1, Dame 4 and LBJ15 Lows.

Which one is the best for a guard, looks, durability and cushion?

hello gaming says:

can i play outdoor on that things

Scotty S says:

Please, I need to know if the insoles are removable in this shoe. Can’t get a straight answer from Nike. I want to order these but I need to use custom inserts

Shannon Davis says:

Had a pair for a while and I couldn’t get out of the PG 1. Recently I busted the Kyries out and they are really good. Just take a little bit more of a break in.

Data Science with R says:

I couldn’t get my feet to get inside the shoe. It was very tiny 🙁

Justin Yu says:

Outdoor use???

Yaj Romalliv says:

Since NW is not answering my question. now im confuse if im going to get Kobe 1 protro and i know its difficult since its very limited stocks.

Johnathan So says:

Hey nightwing,

Big Fan. Do you think the kyrie 4’s are similar to the kobe 8’s or 9’s in a way? I really wanted something that resembles the kobe 8’s or 9’s in a way with the cushion. I am really debating on whether or not i want zoom in the forefoot or something more with court feel. Pg2 vs Kyrie 4 as one would say. Thanks in advance.

TuanNghia Vo says:

The kyrie 4 have really bad ankle support

David Hogan says:

Kyrie 4

Langston N says:

Checkout my performance test on these

Pink Koala says:

Is it good for big guys? I wanna replace my kd 9 elites because the zoom bag popped.

Stephen Paul Margallo says:

is it good for outdoor

Marc8808 says:

Dame 4 vs Kyrie 4 what’s your pick

Yellow Jell-O says:

What About Outdoor Use?

Geofferson Jefferson says:

The initial grip was my immediate concern.i didn’t like it at first touch but couldn’t understand how a herring bone pattern wouldn’t be effective. It feels like there’s a plastic coating on the sole. Glad to hear it’ll wear off. Just picked up the 3 x black. Looking forward to it. Thanks for ANOTHER great review.

Roginic Dubravko says:

Tnx for reviews, I m looking for basketball shoes with minimalistic design, I would like to feel more ground connections with my feet, so do you have any recommendations? Shoes that have solid traction, flexible and have more room around fingers?

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