Nike Kyrie 5 Performance Review!


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I really need to know when the kyrie 5 will realease in the phillipines…who knows?

Khôi assasin TV says:

did they play outdoor good

בן פרץ says:

what shoes was the red one in the start of video what the name of?

Noel Spuriga says:

I tried the 4s but now i have the 5s and the cushion feels a lot nicer for me on the fives, and the traction is also better
Its the CNY cw

Jose Castellanos says:

Are they hard to put on

Brandon Riggan says:

dont know witch one to get…

Lucy Serwaa says:

I got these today (Christmas )

Blxst Lxst says:

Got these for my my birthday (dec 26)

Edgaras Razanas says:

guys let me know if they good for wide feet? trying get something for wide feet size 9

Hana El-Tohamy says:

the traction and grip really didn’t work for me on wood floors. they will get better right?

Justine Dulatre says:

It’s good

Font Nation says:

Just copped, highly recommend

KingDubz 247 says:

I got Flytrap 2’s in January and I don’t know if i should get the kyrie 5 or the solider Xll any tips

Josh23 says:

please make kyrie 2 vs kyrie 5 review

Jack Brant says:

Would these shoes be good for a 5 foot 3’ 92 pound point guard/shooting guard??

brian zhang says:

kyrie 5 or kyrie low? pls help !!!

AdrianZeAwes says:

The insoles felt like normal insoles lol

Hana El-Tohamy says:

kyrie 4s or 5s?

Josiah Guzman says:

Ikhet performance test?

Lorenzo Ball says:

They hurt the side of the feet smh.

Husqvarna Sikorsky Askar Dreeskandar says:

Kyrie 5 vs Harden vol. 2

Micheal Joseph Mencias says:

So i just got my pair of kyrie 5 and I’ve been using it for about 2 days and i noticed that the logo that are in the soles of the shoes the logo K and signature is wearing off. I would like to know if this also happens to your pair. Hoping for your fast reply.

Swaggy Pops says:

My pair just arrived a few days ago, and after wearing them casually and playing in them in pickup games and 5 on 5, i can tell a few things:

-Awesome traction, DON’T WEAR THEM OUTDOORS
-Awesome cushion for guards (responsive yet comfortable)
-The best step and comfort in any Kyrie, including the 4’s, wich are my favorite shoe of all time
-Awesome fit (For narrow footers)
-Great support and lockdown
-Non breathable at all, mine took the hole night to get dried out of all the sweat inside

Overall, the best Kyrie in the hole line imo, it fits with my gamestyle just like any other Kyrie model, perfect for quick guards

LuckyCali13 says:

I would never buy these shoes btw bottom of the shoe u obviously didnt notice but it’s the all seein eye illuminati icon it’s also on the back of his new Nike 5 basketball shoes on the back of the shoe dudes fucked up and a devil worshiper who thinks earth is flat btw 2:16 to see the eye

Noah Baumann says:

which is better the kyrie 4 or 5?

sasgay uchiha says:

Problem it’s hard for me to get me heel Into these

Kardobo says:

3:00 some youtubes say that the traction wasnt that good

Dark Moon says:

I love these shoes there so good for centres surprisingly, I posterized a kid with these on.

Eternal Ghøst says:

I got the same shoes as those

DroppinBucketz says:

So my question is if you get these, do you get your actual size or should you go half a size up??

Shaun Chambers says:

Those are better than Steph Curry’s

Aljhun Torotoro says:

Illuminati shoes

PATOR1906 says:

Kobe AD or Kyrie 5?

OnlyNoah Clutch says:

Just got the Kyrie 5’s and good to know it performs good

Karla Gallego says:


Rogue says:

what do you mean by “break it in”

José León says:

Can someone tell me if these fit snug like the 4’s? I had to go half a size up on my 4’s

stefan diaddira says:

To all wide footer!!!
Kyrie 5 is good for wide feet
Trust me it works

StupidNub says:

Gotta let Donny boy talk a bit more.
As for the show, Nice Design, good look, but needs refinement in aesthetics, the floppy things are too flamboyant, and the width is too much, and other bulky parts need to be refined, but not so much that the edge/style is gone, just enough.
Can’t say much else about the shoe, I haven’t bought it.

Chris says:

I wear a size 12 for my kyrie 4 but then the 5 the size 13 fits me, but you guys say its true to size

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