Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review! Is the $80 Budget Model Good??

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Rachele Nash says:

Personally I think I want the red and black color but I think it is a pretty great shoe

Rens Singson says:

Which should i buy for outdoor?
The 4’s or the Flytraps?
I play on a concrete court.

Petes Treats says:

Hey guys, i’ve got these for Christmas! Quick question: My Basketball gym said they only except “soft soled shoes.” Kyrie Flytrap would still classify as soft soled right? You guys didn’t say anything bout not wearing these indoors…

King Ryo says:

heyyyy uhmm what’s nice a Kobe mentality 3 or Flytrap or Nike Assersion??

Bronwing says:

For those wondering where to find theses, they’re at every Academy Sports and Outdoors

jimy0803 says:

So is it half a size down from tts or half a size down from your kyrie-size?

OG!!!PRINCE says:

Lowkey looks like thr jordan reveal

Zaky William says:

Which match did kyrie wore the kyrie flytrap?

Miguel Parrone says:

I have these (black/red orbit colorway) and I can feel the zoom more than Sammy can.

Jose Renato says:

Hey guys. I have a question,i play basketball with Harden b/e number 1.but i like to buy this kyrie flytrap. What you can saw to me about the comparasion for these shoes sizes. Await response.thanks.

A Park says:

the material is actually thin woven. hella premium for 80$

Three Sixty says:

Personally I used these and they killed my right knee. Had to throw them out fml

Thomas Fitzsimmons says:

Sole Brothers and others. Hoes does the traction compare on the all black and the black with white band colourways? Those are super nice looking but I need good performance for a shoes at this pricepoint.

Nick 101 says:

how long it takes to break it in?

Team Pen says:

kyrie flytrap vs kyrie 5

nguyen tri says:

what store can i buy because im living in vietnam

Francis Albert Amparo Gasmen says:

How will I determine if I am a narrow or wide footer? Are there specific measurements or just the feel/fit of the shoe?


I went TWO sizes down in these from my normal 5 and a half Nike size to a 4 and a half

VolcanoDemon says:

The pair I got are not wide enough

Jaryd Jackson says:

I always thought the bulky soles on the earlier Kyrie’s was great for running and stopping on a dime. If you look at the way Kyrie does certain crossovers and dribble moves, he uses the shark teeth portion of the sole to stop and pull back for shots and all that. If you think it’s just me, go watch him play!


I got the red and black ones

Jose Renato says:

Hey Man. About the Size do you think is better to take one Size small?

McFuckin AnotherAccount says:

Best outdoor shoe ever

Jomar Espinar says:

guys can you please make a vid about jordan aura max

mirza mujid says:

Should i buy one size smaller or half a size smaller ?

william chen says:

The topline of the quarter on this shoes keeps digging into my skin and it’s uncomfortable. Is that just because the shoe isn’t broken down yet? None of my other pairs felt this bad before they were broken down. Someone please answer.


Stop saying yeahh….

Toad Toad says:

Should I really go down half size? cuz I just want to order one online

Dunce Face says:

I’ve been debating between 2 shoes wanted to hear your opinion on it. I hoop outdoors mostly (On concrete) and wanted to get a budget shoe. So I was wondering if I should get the Kyrie Flytraps or the Jordan Fly Lockdowns. I live in Australia so the prices are a bit more exspensive. Here, the Kyrie Flytraps are 115$ and the Jordans are 110$.
With price and hooping condistions what shoe should i get ?

Kyle Maynard says:

Kobe Mamba Rage or Kyrie flytrap? What to choose?

shan samson says:

hey brothers i have a question, how to determine if my kyrie flytraps is legit??

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