Nike Lebron 15 Performance Review!

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Eric King says:

If you are a flat footed don’t get these I broke my ankle wearing them and they are not for pg

Wojtek Seliga says:

Jordan 32s or LeBron 15s?

Devale Clark says:

Do the lebron 4

Giantsfan 2113 says:

Just a heads up the kids (grade school) run short I bumped up a whole size

Benn JAMES says:

I wouldbe bought these shoes but they were too narrow

gee dee says:

Best shoe ever.


Lebron 15… The vapormax of basketball.

Blackstar Arch says:

We need to see Don do some damn performance tests instead of Sammy because when he talks about playing ball we just don’t BELIEVE HIM!!! I’d rather you show us than tell us #facts

Ray Jackson says:

Yooo Don hit em with the Coogi sweater though haha! how much does the damn shoe weigh!? all I’m tryina find out!!

tzehao lim says:

i wear a 6.5 lebron 12 but i bought a US 7 lebron 15 am i gonna get shit tons of dead space?

Mrbiscuits05 says:

Sucking off lebron

John Warren Gilhang says:

Doesn’t squeak

Olu Ayanbiola says:

Bros slow mo on the traction test and bounce/impact protection test would be clutch.

Devale Clark says:

Do the lebron 4

misalnya gaming says:

can someone tell me wich is bettter, new heights color or oreo color?

gee dee says:

Lebron does pretty well in this shoe. I’m guessing these shoes are just fine…

Cringe_ King says:

Love the intro

Truevan ASAP says:

They look like kd 10s

Chantz Chandler says:

Kickgenius is way better than u guys

Benjamín Bejda says:

Which colorway has a best traction??? (plss help)

Davon Johnson says:

This shoe helped me a lot in midrange amd in the paint

Chuch Aguilar says:

Good shit guys helped me out

Kavyn Cardona says:

Dragon scale traction

John Bangal says:

Can you do Nike air versatile 1 please thanks

The smsyt says:

damn, why nike can’t think to make multidirection pattern outsole, what so hard about that?

Mr Filo says:

At the end of the day its still a heavier player’s shoe, not responsive?! Then fking gain weight bro

Jesse Ladd says:

The traction pattern with the translucent soles is amazing. Just the problem with no outrigger for cutting or landing make it prone to roll overs 🙁

ilg2012 says:

I don’t see how “performance” is a legitimate discussion anymore when it comes to basketball shoes. Half of all college and professional basketball players wear retro Jordans designed in the 90s. That right there tells you how pointless the “performance” discussion is. Don’t pretend like these shoes are made for “performance.” They’re made to look cool. If they look cool they’ll sell, and that’s what Nike cares about.

Ryan Dale Teodosio says:

Made from china?

anthony acosta says:

Trash, one of the ugliest nike yet

a dead meme says:

Just sriracha

God Speed says:

Ugly ass sneaker

Anthony C says:

These shoes are meant for bigger guys, not guards.

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