Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

Hey Guys! Here is our detailed performance review on the Nike LeBron 16.

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Matthew Pineda says:

Can you do a review on Lebron soldier 12 please

Beau Kyler says:

The left sneaker bothered me too

Nikita Stojanovski says:

Are they heavy when you run?

clyde peralta says:

Is this available for outdoor?

Luka 24 says:

I have this lebron 16

Yeipeih Shanglai says:

I just got it yest and tried it in an indoor court.. it was awesome… Actually felt my vert increased..

LP Squad says:

are the shoes heavy

thedeanofmean121_gaming says:

Just got these for Christmas beautiful shoe

datsatoilet21 says:

Looks like kd 10s


What if I have bad ankles? Would you still say these are stable enough?

gameplayzz tv says:

190 € in germany

Justin says:

Anyone try the translucent traction for the lebron 16’s? Do they perform any worse than the solid outsole?

Rowell Jallorina Jr says:

Vol 3 Harden my Dude

Rowell Jallorina Jr says:

Harden Vol 3 bruh please

Maeve Ryan says:

I just got them… they are no joke… there a really sexy shoe and feel great all my class freinds love them so cool… keep up the reviewing #nl16

vannie codilana says:

Can you make a review of adidas mad bounce 2018?

黎尚霖 says:

they all sold out superbron in canada.

Jay Araneta says:

Hi @nightwing, i have that pinching thing too but mine’s on the right shoe. Does it go away after time?

Milian Hudson says:

I got the LeBron 16 Oreo colorway, did anyone experience slipping since it is translucent outsole? Please let me know, Thanks in advance!

Kxng Jay says:

There fake

Ballad Soul says:

idk if yall see this or not,but i personally think lebron 16 is a bit wide,i have normal feet and i kinda feel some heel slippage but after lacing it up,than u good just a little bit heel slippage

Killer Killer says:

I’m the only one wearing this shoes on the street? Hhhhhhh

Nicholas Adamek says:

Anyone know if these run small or big? I wear a NIKE HYPER REV 2015 in a 12.5, and it looks like these don’t come in half sizes past 12. Should I get a 12 or 13?

Adam G says:

Yooo! Big time Lebron fan and weekend warrior. I ball 3-4 times per week. Until the 15 I couldn’t find a shoe that I could wear for 2+ hours on the court. I grabbed all the 15s I could thinking I’d never play in anything else. Last week I scooped up the Superbrons. I just hooped in em and was SUPER disappointed. The biggest let down was the traction pattern change. The 15s “spikes” are phenomenal on even dusty hardwood, the 16 had me slippin and slidin with the wave pattern. Taking em back and scoping out any 15s left. Hope this helps someone lookin. Love your vids man.

Maeve Ryan says:

I just got them… they are no joke… there a really sexy shoe and feel great all my class freinds love them so cool… keep up the reviewing #nl16


Do these have a bouncier feeling than the 15’s or are they about the same?

LBCskate says:

The tounge didnt cover my foot. The laces kept digging into my heel. :/ Not a problem I had with the lebron 9 lows

Nikita Stojanovski says:

Are they heavy when you run?

Nikita Stojanovski says:

Are they heavy when you run?

Charles Rogers says:

Most comfortable and stable basketball shoe I’ve had in a while. Eyelet area around inside left ankle rubs on my pair too. Nonexistent on right ankle. Must be an overall product defect. Tried different lace patterns but still persists. Please post any solutions.

God of Potato says:

I just got these today. They feel very heavy to me, but comfortable, stable, and good traction. They probably feel heavy since all my casual shoes are ultra boosts. I had kd 7 as my basketball shoes, but I have had a sore Achilles , and wanted more support. Not to worried about weight since I usually play 4 spot, and my
Opponents are to fast.

Swag Scout says:

True to size my ass

Malie says:

Wth…is this in Elk Grove?

Tendy Dicky Suryadi says:

Hi Nightwing
Just a quick question, i hope you can help me out here,
Im 40 years, 240lbs
I still ball leisurely twice a week on wooden indoor court
Few months ago i hurt my knee
The doctor says i need to rest for at least 3 months
So i did.
Now i start to play again but still i feel a little discomfort on my knee
I wear bauerfeind knee support with side bar but still it doesnt help.
Currently im wearing Air Jordan 32
Now im looking of a better cushioned shoes
So in your opinions what should i get ?
This lebron 16 ? Kobe protro? or boost ? I just need the best cushioned shoes to ease my knee pain, thank you so much .

MrPrettylou44 says:

Wayyyyyyy better than Curry 6

Onkar singh Kang says:

They are pinching me at same place on my left ankle

Mikael Shazam says:

Just so you know the first shot you took was a 2 and not a 3

Rowell Jallorina Jr says:

Harden Vol3

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

I’m thinking of this colorway or the new grey and multi colorway.

Jonas Munson says:

3:08 travel

Nikita Stojanovski says:

Are they heavy guys?

Jags4e says:

What’s the chances of the air bags popping. It popped on my kd 10s

Justin says:

These are amazing

Michael Lee says:

Is there a difference between translucent outsole and solid rubber?

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