Nike LeBron Zoom Witness – Performance Review

The LeBron Zoom Witness from Nike uses two hex Zoom units in the forefoot and offers a wide fit with excellent airflow and breathability. How does the rest of the shoe perform? Find out with my performance review/test of the Nike LeBron Zoom Witness with the video you see above.

Full written performance review:
(coming tomorrow!)

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Chris Kessler says:

Don’t take this as hating because I’m just trying to serve up some constructive criticism, but in your videos you speak fairly fast and makes it hard to digest and understand as your words get sorta mumbled up, if you could try and slow it down it would really help. Again, not hating, enjoy your vids and thoughts but I’ve had the same issue and am a TA for public speaking class. It’s something I’m hyper aware of.

Anyways, just my 2 cents, take it or leave it always enjoy watching your vids

Austin Kanabay says:

Getting same shoes just different color

Reese Thunderson says:

the guy looks like he’s drunk af

Zak Kerr says:

Great review Jarron!

An t says:

do you ball with nightwing ?

King Dillon The gamer says:

I have these shoes


I have these shoes they smell like a goddess

Reemo Brooklyn says:

Wide footers……. D Rose 7 is your paradise

Fuck my mum says:

I got this shit for fucking free. not even kidding. the cashier didn’t ring them up (she probably got fired)

Jeremy Bowman says:

Huge fan of this shoe just not a fan of Lebron…
I will admit this is my 1st pair of Lebron’s and I’m amazed at how comfortable it is. Very light weight and great on wood floors. Tile floors you slip a lot whether its the toe or heels I was ice skating. Love that my feet didn’t sweat as much and I even had room for the ankle sleeve on the right foot.
6’1″ 272lbs wide foot typical size 13 and modified to fit for comfort with other brands.
Now that I’ve been able to play in these a little I wished I had gotten perhaps a size 12 1/2 just for the issue that I have when tying the shoe. The material at the front of the foot begins to cave just a little and that irritates when your running up and down on the court. I liked the grip I initially had on the floor but the gyms vary with how it’s also maintained, however I gave it a 8/10 for grip. I felt better shooting around the court and moving on the go with baskets. Overall I rate this shoe a 7/10. Colors could’ve been better, Design on bottom could’ve been better as well. But I’m happy with $100.00 spent. I put back the LeBron soldier and the curry 3’s because it was not comfortable at all, and you’ve just gained a subscriber!!!

Lin Gene says:

can someone please guard Jahronmon please he’s wide open 98% of the time dawg

– from Taiwan with love

Nigel Jayavendra says:

them cankles

squattystx says:

looks like nobody plays defense in the bay area, figures.

Jack DeStefano says:


gimsvm says:

Wide Footers unite! After searching far and wide for new hoop shoes for the past 3 months, I finally picked these up as they were the best fit for my foot. Haven’t played in them yet but from a pure fit standpoint, these (TTS) are pretty nice!

xeon blade says:

This is basically a CHEAPER version of the LEBRON 12
I know I have both

xeon blade says:

This is basically a CHEAPER version of the LEBRON 12
I know I have both

Kino Carranza says:

Bro can you please film more of your rec league games ? Love the hooping highlights

Michael Cervantes says:

Well since it’s not returning to the gym bag how about donating it to a fan??

Geoffrey 四Gor says:

Leborn 12 ……..

luc renaud says:

vote for Hugh Mungus

Aubrey Graham says:

Who do you get to film your games?

magpaka bobo says:

Can you review those awesome socks already haha. Nice quality vid as always.

Billy Mays says:

JAHRONMON why are you so underrated man your video quality is some pink panther pussy drowned in A1 sauce

Andrew Ortiz says:

when a girl is on the court= lose lose situation if you give her buckets people are going to say yea but it’s on a girl if you take it easy on her a let her score then there clowning you saying a girl scored on you


U need more subs

KyleNoelMusic says:

i just came here to support

razzer king says:

can i have your lebron zoom witness so i have a pair of badketball shoe i only have a pair of beat and1 please give it to me

Brandon Hamilton says:

i really wanna watch this but the polls are almost in

Jorge Mata says:

Why haven’t you reviewed the harden vol. 1 bro

SweryLEL says:


Jorge A. Quintero says:

Playing at Norcal Courts in Martinez? Was just there last night.

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