Nike Mamba Instinct Performance Review!

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when I put these on in the store they was tight as hell I had to go a half up

Ghie Rabago says:

thats not kobe instinct thats kobe 3

aLsordon says:

<.05x though

FreeHacks2015 says:

Vs KD Trey 5 4

Rex Jose Castillanes says:

I only played in them once and my cushion now is dead and its stiff and hard now before it was soft af

TheDoctor MMA says:

how would you feel about long running 5 miles or sprinting in these?

Leslie H. says:

I wish they would make a mid mamba instinct..
can you guys do a mamba instinct vs metality 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaden Collin says:

Mamba instinct vs Kobe mentality 2 plz?

Tarek Hossari says:

mamba instinct vs 11 em

tzehao lim says:

hi sole brothers can u do a video of kobe mamba instinct vs kobe mentality 2? tq

FreeHacks2015 says:

Should I get these, the Kyrie 2s, or the Kobe Mamba instinct(Kobe mentality 3)

Guava Dzmystery says:

U need to get this on the list of the most SQUEAKEST tractions this 2017!!

Arvin Firmanes says:


Carlton Warnberg says:

Got a black and gray pair today. For 100 bucks, this is a nice shoe

Joseph Sanchez says:

Reviews already improved.. not bad. Before was kinda plain and dry infos. Keep it up. *liked the video for ratings*

Noel Iglesias says:

why don’t mine squeak

slamandjam2 says:

would you recommend putting a lebron 11 midsole in these

FreeHacks2015 says:

Does Don ball

Vince Anacion says:

i still go with my mentality 2

Huỳnh Việt Hùng says:


Edrick Kusumo says:

The Mamba Instinct sounds like a rip off name of the Kobe Mentality

Gamer PH says:

Many people that instinct’s durability is low, only a few months they are already having a problem. Should i buy this or not??

gagan selvarajan says:

Can I wear these outdoor

Chris You says:

Mentality 2 FTW! The best traction shoes EVER!

Kzoo Gaming says:

hyperlive or this? my country has these for 25% off so therye the same price

Mason Williams says:

I have these they good


Be interesting to test out an outside with black rubber and compare. Been using Mentality 1 for over a year and the only durability problem regarding the upper has been the lining inside of each Achilles wearing down exposing the inner stuffing.

Calvin J Sojourney III says:

Nice review. I like watching your reviews. any way you guys a hold back on the language a bit? haha. keep doing it man. I’m a HUGE Kobe shoes collector.

Surf38able says:

I hate it that they changed the best aspect from mentality line : the outsole. This looks like KBXI shitty outsole

uncle drew says:

nike loves changing names for their new shoes (it sucks the boosik noodle). Kobe A.D. ,Mamba Instinct, Niike zoom live 2017, nike zoom rev 2017, and the nike zoom all outs (to replace the hyperquickness line)!

Mark Aclao says:

mamba instinct vs kobe AD

SlayerDeathA SlayerDeathA says:

do mentality 2 vs mamba

Mastermind Boy says:

Does black outsole color do good for the mamba instinct? Is it better than other colors?

D POLO says:

The pattern is like Spider-Man’s suit

diggy561 says:

This coloway is 59.98 on Finishline now. 4/7/2017

The typical dude says:

I rather stick with my mentality 2’s.

SlayerDeathA SlayerDeathA says:

mamba vs kyrie 3 pls

Joe Brooks says:

They look fresh

yolo lololo says:

adidas court fury???

Joseph Louis Magracia says:

can you do a does it basketball with adidas cloudfoam speed

IBlankzZ says:

Which is better the Mentality 2 or the Mamba Instinct?

Phenom Avila says:

these are $60 bucks on the finish line website

oneovajordan21 says:

Now on sale for $59.98 @ finishline

Cam Sullivan says:

can you do these vs the kobe mentality 2

Noel Iglesias says:

do kobe mamba instinct vs kobe 11

Лазар Сорак says:

who are those fools

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