PERFORMANCE SNEAKER REVIEW – Chinese Shoe Brands (Klay Thompson, D Wade)



Shot by: Will Chang, Ryan Huie
Edited by: Xiaohan Liu


LiluCat says:

Dude sketchers r ugly

Angela Owens says:

where would I get those sneakers from

Pamela Cunningham says:

what type of brand are the pink shoes or the the name of them

Nikolai Champaco says:

Where did u guys get them? I like the way of wade 4 but it’s really hard to find online.

Geoffrey Risley says:

Those shoes weren’t that bad

TheCaveCauldron says:

Would u guys recommended the Li Ning way of way of Wade 4 to a power forward.

Santiago Guevara says:

Do another one of these

Susana Benítez says:

I love the shoes of Wade

BasS Retro says:

who else thinks them talking at the same time is annoying

Matt Mashaal says:

The way of wades are actually pretty dope

gohawksgo100 says:

It makes me cringe when they say kicks genius. It’s so easy to say how do u say it wrong

Slame333 says:

These shoes are actually a lot better than you say they are. Guarantee if you slapped a Nike logo on the Li Nings/Antas and an adidas logo on the Peaks you’d be all over them. Also, translucent is weaker, not stronger. Don’t know what you’re talking about there.

Mr. Easter Bean says:

still waiting for a vid on foot binding.

李周 says:

KT1 we can buy it less than 300¥, about 50$

Javish R says:

Translucent is weaker

Felicia Ingram says:

They should all have signature shoes.

Tran Chuong says:

How about some AND1

tony nguyen says:

Bruh why Chinese shoe brands ripping off Chinese shoe brands. Anta and li Ning got the same logo


In thailand Peak it really Big brand It been used for a tournament as much and they have a good marketing because some of them want a good cheap sneaker to play , because they have not much money to buy nike or adidas that was really expensive , but i really prefer peak too it really good but not much good traction as they been but is great quality , is really they have a good system A cushion-3 make good to jump and absorb the enegy , easy move run better to save your energy, Cool free just make your feet flow and not much sweat on your feet , so i really love this brand .

Dookie Fry says:

Did he just said kicks genius

Daddy Boy says:


David Book says:

The 2nd shoe is slick

Aaron Lin says:

Hi Andrew, can you make a video where you play one on one with your brother?

joe wu says:


Andrew De Lange says:

i wish you guys could do another one of these cause i really dig all the chinese shoes. the new ones have released too

Justin Stolly says:

wish they would retro the VC III (Vince Carter 3’s) with the full foot shox I loved those shoes

The DTG Autobot says:

Was Dwight with Adidas ever?


有没有人可以告诉李宁安踏,1:13 1:25 照片能不能不要这么怂 , 学nike adi一样, swag一点 ,

Xavier Allen says:

that spin move tho

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