PG 1 Performance Test

Jay Jones tests out the PG 1.


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Blastoisebruhh says:

if anyone is trying to figure out what song this is, its called “noax – invasion”

Bball Hype says:

Ferocity oe shining. For basketball not casual

Alex Dime says:

Do hyperdunk 2017 low

Samuel Quiros says:

I was goin to buy these but they were sold out in all my local Nike stores and foot locker didn’t have them available then

#1knicksfan Porzingod says:

I have a wide foot a it fits great and the strap hold your foot in well

Mediocre Size says:

Dude that’s the colorway I want but nobody sellin that colorway for my big ass feet

Alex Torres says:

I like the way you guys used to do the reviews
Much more quick and easy to hear the review.

joy santos says:

so does this deserve the KG stamp of approval then? fit,materials and traction?

Brandon Kight says:

What about the kick genius stamp of approval

Kip G. says:

They should have merch

kurt dilig says:

getting cornier and cornier by the minute huh ;p just review the shoe and stop trying to look cute coz you aint ;p just ball and review, thats all you have to do ;p

Kevin Comerford says:

Bro this is sick

Calvin Worthy says:

Where can I buy kick genius appearl

Robyn Josue says:

I bought this shoes cuz I listened to your review and im confused. Because to me this shoes were disappointing. When I balled in them at first it was extremely hot like no ventilation at all and im having blisters in this shoe. Im a size 8 and I bought a size 8.5. I used them the second time using only regular socks cuz it might be the socks..m but noo still hot af inside the shoe. Should I keep playing in this to really break it in and strech out the material or is it really like this. 🙁
My shoes are pg1 “elements/undefeated”
Is it maybe the suede?

lorenso lares says:

I rolled my ankle with these on man fuck them lol

Winnie the poo says:

try to ball with fake pg 1 trust me its uncomfortable asf

Raditya PramanaA says:


Jawad4lyfe2 says:

bought these brand new for $55 the undeafeted looking color way

xx ff says:

Are these outdoor or indoor or both? I play both a lot, mainly outdoor now but gonna start playing indoor mainly in a few months

BroSis Gaming says:

Which one is better Kyrie 3 or pg 1 plsss

Orange Guy says:

The editing at the end was sick

T FromKBlock says:

Where can a brotha cop those shirts tho

T says:

Did anybody else notice his fingers?!?!? I have been subscribed for like two year and never saw those owl claws before.

Nate Cross says:

This or adidas crazy explosive low?

Player Review says:

My best friend’s dad played 14 years as TE for the championship NFL Dolphins team with Dan Marino and drove a Corvette when at home. He played at 6’5″ and 232 lbs.; As such, I recommend that being an okay size for a Corvette and analogously to the comparison made in this video, the PG1. He was the first High School player on the cover of SI… How cool is that? But, they didn’t pay crazy salaries back in the 80’s, despite his mom rocking a full length arctic fox fur coat.

Alex Rueth says:

Aye J I have a question my schools gym is fucking dusty as hell and I just got the PG 1 Checkmate colorway wonder how bad they’d yellow and how good they should be performance wise.

keyshaun George says:

Fire instrumentals

jade trash says:

this is such a good video. bless bless


What’s more comfortable the curry 3 or the PG 1

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