Q4 Sports Basketball Lineup | Detailed Look and Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review of the brand new Q4 Sports basketball lineup.

If you wanted to try out Q4 you can check them out here: https://q4sports.com/

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Harambe says:

Great review! I feel like a big knock on this new company is the price. Some people will be willing to spend over $100 on a basketball shoe from a new brand when they can get some Nikes for the same price or cheaper. example KD9s are a good hooping shoe and those are $100 or less now

Armeo Chan says:

Nightwing damn I love this brand, should I wait for the upcoming model or cop the first one you review first?

gadgetstalker2 says:

I like the style of these better than all of the Li Ning shoes.

Lin Gene says:

I thought this is an April fools joke from nightwing

/b/read.Justylol says:

since nike has said that they don’t want to give Westbrook a signature so that he can “continue the Air Jordan shoe legacy” it would be awesome if he were to sign with this new brand, kinda like how Curry signed with Under Armour and put them on the map. Good luck to Q4.

eljaydl says:

i wish the ASICS GEL BURST TBF660 were released in the US or atleast be available on ebay or amazon, i’ll take them over any Air Jordans.

Sydell says:

I wish the shoes weren’t so fugly

Vicmar Arquiza says:

What’s the price range of the shoes?

Scott Blume says:

Cheers for giving sneakers away nightwing. Those of us that cant afford or are in need new kicks (not me) I know really appreciate the generosity.

DaffyDuck says:

I need that Millennium Kings colorway … Looks too dope!

Rasetsu Bass says:

they should clean up the designs of their kicks. the bubbles on the 495 shoes make it look cheap.

Amilcar Polanen says:

they look waaaay better then anta ,peak and li-ning.

dweezy2210 says:

They look like Reebok’s

Adupolis says:

i would totaly buy a pair of specialists and nforcers, would sign with q4 if i ever gonna play in the nba

Gerard Ara says:

Nice Shirt!

Sam Brozynski says:

Go follow Qdesigns on instagram, it’s the dude that designs these.

Rasetsu Bass says:

Lakers colorway would be sick! (Purple base color with yellow accents)

Eduardo Castillo says:

You ever gonna do a and1 vertical review?

Jinzzy says:

100 is a bit too much if you ask me

John Michael Ferras says:

nice Shirt Chris!

Arwin Tay says:

Remind me of And1 and Dada’s

raymond dytuco says:

Nice shirt #Manila

Nick Shapiro says:

the 495 high lookin like rain boots.

Dean Abdereman says:

I like your Penny give away…..

royalcrown124 says:

I saw Jonas Jerebko wear those celtics ones during one game

iansquall2three0three says:


Rasetsu Bass says:

looks like another of them crappy Chinese shoes…

anthony smith says:

how come we dont see li ning peak and anta shoes(not the main stream WoW or kt 1,2 showus their budget models or something like i already know about the main selling shoe from lining anta and fucking peak. show the budget models just like u do some nike adidas and rebook jar

demonpanda 357 says:

yo nightwing is the wilson wave good for outdoors pls answer

Paolo De Guzman says:

nice shirt bruhh

Number1HeatRocka says:

Tech and quality sounds promising but Q4 needs a new designer! That’s one of the worst logos I’v ever seen, and the shoes with the little circles.. come on bruh! There’s so many talented artists out in the world that can step up Q4’s game.

breakinankles92 says:

build quality looks fantastic!!

Serdar K says:

Those prices are WAY too high

Jay MoneyXVII says:

So only some of them you should go half a size down? & some are bigger? I’m not gonna buy them if I buy 13 & get 12,5 or 13,5.

Kamran Omar says:

Yo, way to be generous man! Good lookn out.

Victor Najduch says:

Bruh fuck wrong with people were these modeled off of shaqs

Brent Mateo says:

Nice shirt nightwing!

InZaneKicks says:

Always a plus when new companies enter the scene,the more competition the better products that the customers will get.

Jondreu Bautista says:

Love your shirt shoutout to Filipinos and Filipino Sneakerheads

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