TESH Terrestrial Performance Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed performance review on the TESH Sports Terrestrial.

You can get more performance information by clicking here: http://www.weartesters.com/tesh-terrestrial-performance-review

Thanks for watching!!!

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Ian Isaac Gonzales says:

nice hairdo nightwing!

khris alvez says:

i always watch your reviews before buying shoes

khris alvez says:

i always watch your reviews before buying shoes

Hakeem Mulholland says:

I’ve never heard of TESH, these shoes are really dope, fresh style and flexible. I need to cop.

grizzol says:

Love your hair bro!! Mad love to your barber keepin u fresh for the vids!

Joshua Jabat says:

Where is the hyperrev review?

Donald Trump's wall that e made mexico pay for says:

Did you end up getting the curry 2 suit and ties


I don’t think this company ships to Canada? What a bummer! I wanted to try these out. they look nice for the price.

OfficialDonRocco says:

That robin ‘whelmed’ reference was all that I needed to like this video lmao

seth meyers says:

can you review the APL basketball shoe that was banned by the NBA?

DavidBrown1995 says:


tam lê says:

pls tell me Switch from this size to nike size, i’m 9.5 nike

Justin Marquez says:

I like your reviews. I depend on them before buying shoes. Your the best one out there doing this reviews. Nice hair cut by the way

Ralph Torres says:

well done Nightwing2303

Dennis Remoquillo says:

i didnt know john tesh made shoes now:)

Danny Regan says:

What I like about this dude is that he’s into different brands. Even brands I’ve never heard of

Nick Kramer says:

I’m hoping the “whelmed” comment was a Young Justice reference lol

Tanvir Pavel says:

hyperlive and air max emergent performance review?

William Clarke says:

I never buy shoes without your reviews! Thanks man made me make a lot of good decisions

Noah Freeman says:

I like ur hair

Jian Maniti says:

Nice haiiiiir maaan!

Keith S says:

i like them

RyanMengh says:

Does anyone know any basketball shoes under 10 oz

TheHilltopperNation says:

Seem very structurally similar to the Nike HyperLive

Nathan Zhou says:


Jayson Fernbacher says:

Where can you purchase these?

John Pink says:

im really interested in basketball shoe brands that arent the major brands know of anymore i should look at

Dennis Remoquillo says:

i didnt know john tesh made shoes now:)

Sarangith Wijesinghe says:

D.rose 6 primeknit is out
do a review on it bro. it looks promising
aint buying without your thoughts!!

Raptoristic says:

could u do your entire shoe collection video

Kieran. says:

Can you make a vid about good shoes for wide footed people? or maybe someone could give some suggestions

Ethan Mizell says:

That whelmed reference was great haha. Young Justice was an excellent show.

Nick Kanaz says:

What are thoooose

Kovan Aw says:

Can you do kd tey5 iii

HARITH N says:

please rate traction, support, materials , fit and etc out of 10

Rafael Alegre says:

Before I was watching Nightwing, I only thought of Adidas, Nike, UA, and Li-Ning as the top shoes. Thanks, Man for telling me (I guess all of us here, too) that there are shoes out there that might be better than the ones I mentioned. You the real MVP lol

Ramsey D says:

I checked out the website and unfortunately they only go up to size 13 which wont work for me. I am a 14. But this looks like a great budget shoe or shoe in general. Hopefully the Tesh company will grow and eventually make some extended sizes.

Ibarry Benson says:

Hey Nightwing are you gonna review the Melo M12?

Adge says:

YEEESSSS FINALLY!!!! I’ve been waiting to watch your review on these brands because I really wanna check them out. I live in the bay area too. Keep up the great work Nightwing!

itseman2 says:

Are these yeezys?

Braulio Pérez says:

Really like your reviews dude! The most complete on the web, have helped me to buy sneakers since a year and a half 🙂

Philipp says:


VanishingImage says:

Hey nightwing2303 their website shows black laces, did you change them for the vid or did they go and change the laces?


Their logo reminds me of Tesla.

HEAT Ledger says:

Hm, Chris thanks for introducing me to these. Going to check these out more because I like the look. And if comfort is there, then well, damn

Sheldon Childs says:

ugly shoes ugly shoe jezzzzzzzzzzzzz

Scott Scott says:

great vids u should design a custom shoe and give it away

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