The BEST Basketball Shoes I’ve Ever Tested Pt.1 | WearTesters Real Talk

Hey Guys! On today’s WearTesters Real Talk we’re going into the archives and looking back at the BEST basketball shoes I’ve ever tested.

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Jessie Gonzalez says:

I still hoop in my penny v’s Orlando color way good ass shoe although the sole is separating now but still hold up ! Lol

Brian Tovar says:

Could be what’s he’s eating give him some fruit to clean his tummy

Robert Johnson III says:

The Jordan 29 is my all time favorite

Ryan Mason says:

The low top M8 probably my favorite growing up

MattYpee8 says:

Mr.Nightwing you the greatest.

J. Brad says:

I hooped in the Melo m8 my junior year in high schools, still one of my favorites of all time. Right there with the Lebron 11. So comfortable, quality materials, sick aesthetically.

lbj is goat says:

Had so many great memories with the Melo M8. Wore those during my breakout season. The story was my coach reluctantly picked me during my freshman year in highschool (the league was composed of only freshmen and sophomores). But that gave me the opportunity to practice and train more. I even practiced with my seniors. I literally was a bench warmer during my freshman year but I broke out in my sophomore year and outworked my batchmates. I became a starter. Melo M8s were on my feet during those times

God Clutch says:

Harden vol 3 review next pls

urriah aguilera says:

theory with the 28s… unlocked zoom had some space to unlock zoom… that causes the popping issue

Chris Worland says:

what shoes have you wanted to test but haven’t been able to source?

MarcGlo says:

yo, my pit is a year now and i can’t even count the amount of times she’s just let one go and acted like nothing happened. it is the most rancid god forbidden smell i have ever smelled in my entire life and i just don’t understand how its even possible, but it is.

Scott Phillips says:

anal glands need expressed vet time

Antony Wyman says:

I have a pit, we give him a raw diet, he doesn’t stink, most dog owners that switch to a raw meat diet notice that their dogs stink less and coats look awesome

Lincoln Lim says:

I’ve had a bull terrier before and she doesn’t stink, but when she farts the entire house is contaminated

Buys9 Simmon says:

From the packaging to the quality of the shoes very satisfied!!!!!!…On buys9,Com

KG Janoras says:

I used to remove my classmates m8s out of his feet for me to try it on. I’m really curious of how it feels. That’s the first Jordans I get on my feet but I wasn’t able to use it on court. I noticed the zoom unit though, it felt great

L. Adams says:

maybe it’s their diet???

Lavar Ball says:

I have a pit bull and I can say that is not normal at all.

Arjan Cheng says:

There’s probably something wrong with his gut flora, you should have him checked.

Vhis_Conduring _ says:

My pittbull smells terrible too

Howel Mesa says:

I still have my hyperrevs, the ogs but theyve been busted asf. Wish I get another pair of them

Mitchell Long says:

Love these videos, brings memories to me when I watched all these performance reviews

Romeo Samson Jr. says:

I knew that the J28 are on the list. You always talk about it on your recent videos.. Anyways, continue watching..

Jason Cooke says:

Yep. I have a pit/Dalmatian mix. Stanky. But the best dog ever.

Nick Yang says:

Does anybody have runner’s knee all the sudden and can’t play basketball due to softened patella cartilage?
It lasts more than year now! Wanna go back to court!!

Deandre Holmes says:

Those melo’ m8 still my all-time favorite kicks to ball in

Jake W says:

Shout out to cp3 vi ae! I’ve got 5 pairs of those chillin at home just because I haven’t been able to find anything that compares so I buy a different colorway every year.

ahmad thompson says:

Bro please stop adding the unnecessary convos bro makes the video really long and some times a bit annoying

Nathan Narciso says:

Kobe 8 are my favorite performers of all time ..

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