The Top 10 Worst Basketball Shoes We’ve Ever Tested!

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Chiin MA says:

Do you even play ball? And your english sucks bro


I knew the kd trey 5 was wack. Also not a fan of air max…… under armour are crap!!

Calvin Cooper says:

I think the LeBron Soldiers are probably not the best for guards, but from a big mans perspective I love those.

DJBubbleBoy says:

Gotta say I don’t know anybody who didn’t like the Soldier 10s. Those were a huge surprise on this list.

john doe says:

number 1 Kyrie 4
Number 2 Lebron 14
Harden vol one

gerald tan says:

Donny looks like eminem

Augustus Christian Mizona says:

do some venomenon shoes review

wade wilson says:

Can y’all guys even hoop? Ya’ll have any game highlights or anything? What’s your vert? What’s your 40 time? I don’t believe you, you need more people

Isabel Gurrola says:

The the curry 3’s are good there better than most shoes you test

Rock n Roll says:

OMG! you really said “Freaking China”?

that should be FUCKING CHINA.

Genocide V says:

U have a mike there i cant hear

Skeets says:

Nahhh the curry 3 Lows are comfy af I mean not the best traction but fuck they were so good on my feet and in the father son colourway they looked alright

Dancing banana Po says:

I like how the thumb nail are huaraches but it’s talking about basket ball shoes not life style shoes

Patrick S. says:

LeBron 10 low was the worst shoe I’ve ever played in. The whole shoe felt stiff, and by the time I broke it in it felt like the midsole was already done. And they just felt clunky to wear, never had I felt I was tripping over my feet unless I wore those.

vic r says:

I hoop every day in my soldier 10s.

Tenzin James says:


Justin Fralick says:

Why u guys so critical about shoes shoes are shoes real hoopers can play in anything.

1,000,000 subscribers without a video. says:

And this is the most boring basketball shoe reviewer

4 atorce says:

good my NIKE P R E C I S I O N ” S r not on here 😛 ; )

Ted Zhang says:

I did not know there was a curry 3 low

Shadow Respect says:

Y u say the KD trey 5 is bad? For me, it feels comfortable.

Hye Ran Kim says:

I thought u guys loved the kyrie 4

Legit Checkz says:

Shame on you……………
PS:Great job guys!

Wallace Wong says:

Curry 3 was fcking trash….

jus omo says:

I paid 60 for my wow 5s but the traction is okay on wood but any where else straight b a s u r a

Tj Marzell says:

Y’all dum the lebron soldiers are one of the best

Md Firdaus Aj says:

I use kyries 4 flytrap to play volleyball… To yall kyrie 4 flytrap good?

LeLegend says:

sole sisters entering irrelevancy 😮

Matt Saunders says:

Lebron 13s were over designed to the point I sold em after a week

Ethan Harris says:

I love the lebron 10

batmanenzo Playz says:

3:00 I HATE LEBON 13

Thaboi Cnote says:

I love the crazy light boost 2015

Chris Worland says:

UA Rocket II & Adidas Light Em Up 2017

Marsh Isaac says:

Bro you’re trash

Ian Broyles says:

I think the first shoe you did was the KD Trey 5 five’s not fours. The fours I had were great they were essentially the same shoe as the three but it had a plastic thing on the heel

WrestleFactor says:

That s cause these shoes cost less to make than they cost


Do a video on durable and comfortable all purpose shoe

Младен Георгиев says:

3:15 diche ??

Chris Kohart says:

I rocked the Lebrun 13 elites when they first came out. The traction was grippy and comfort was nice. Overall they were a good shoe.

Joe Hughes says:

The LeBron 13 was appalling

vinny bowes says:

This video straight guts

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