Top 10 Best Performing Basketball Shoes of 2017!

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madhatten00 says:

KT2 look better the KT3 looks like lebrons

Gertrude Marguarite G. says:

Not good intro

Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52 says:

No way!  @0:07  1992 is back in full effect yo!

Tony Phan says:

u guys should review the li ning d wades.

CJ H says:

Curry 4 durability is fucking horrible. Came apart my first time playing in them.

KidJurke says:

i remember wgen basketball shoes used to look cool all of these look trash besides the curry 4

spankbussy says:

What’s the shoe on the right side of the thumbnail? Does anyone know?

Jkaelin25 says:

Bruh lebron 11 soilder

Ja som vegán says:

Why are you guys so depressed ? 😀

moon rowshnii says:

Best outdoor basketball shoes reviews 2018 by aerocart review

Great Okoh says:

how did the kd 10 not make the list

Jack Teague says:

Kyrie 4 confetti is fire

Jeff Reeves says:

Adidas customer service is garbage.

Purlix says:

Do a best of all time basketball shoes

I’m definitely not a Cuber says:

How cud u not include the KD9 OR ATLEAST KD9 elite

Rhailey Pangan says:

Wheres the dame 4

isiah smith20 says:

Curry 4s r the best

Matt Yoshida says:


Roberta L says:

You idiots think your so cool but your not so suck it up

Youlove Cj says:

Where can i get those exact Pg1’s

MrSpaceBeast says:

I’m a size 14 in PGs

Ridge Vlogs says:

curry 4s are the best

Jaydan Dowler says:

Where’s the Zo2’s ??? BBB

周瑋特 says:

10. UA Drive 4
9. Kobe AD mid
8. Adidas CE 2017
7. PG 1
6. D Rose 8
5. Hyperdunk 2017
4. Curry 4
3. Kyrie 4
2. Li-Ning WOW 6
1.Anta KT 3

Melon Monster says:

1. Zo2

Blue Mr says:

Do outside shoes of 2017

chase kidney says:

They said 140$ is a little expensive and then they said 130$ was SUPER cheap

Aubri Flores says:

Where’s the kd 10 at that’s a good shoe

JD Cruz Gutierrez says:

DAME 4!!


Them mufuckin paul geroges fire asf

Russell Westbrook says:

What are pg1 called 2:30

GamerTeh GG says:

Nice shoes boys

Halle Geller says:


Jeffrey Brown says:

I got curry 4’s for my birthday a couple days ago and I have only played 4 matches with them (6 min quarters) and the back cushion has already fallen off. DONT GET CURRY 4’s. I am now returning them and getting Kyrie 4’s instead. Also if you are looking for a cheaper option get Kyrie 3’s very good performing for around $120!

Aaron Martinez says:

Where Is The Dame 4 ??????

Luca Bax says:

These guys are cringe but they are getting better so I support them

Daljot Singh-Gill says:

LeBron soldier 11

Casper The Ghost says:

Lol he ranting about addidas shitty customer service while he’s wearing an addidas shirt

Alex Foss says:

130$ shoe “is super cheap” wtf!!!!!!!

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