Top 10 Budget Basketball Shoes 2018!! So Far

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BW Beasts says:

drive 4 is on sale for 70

Can Uzduran says:

Ua drive 4 vs kyrie 4 ?

Uli Peterson says:

where is the Anta KT3?
if i remember correctly, it was cheap and Samy really liked it.

Edgar Melchor says:

You should do a does it still basketball with nike command forces

Grant Frye says:

I can’t find the Kyrie flytrap anywhere????

Max Xu says:


Spencer Sidmore says:

Somebody took a deuce on Sammy’s shirt

Jc Arenas says:

Pls…. can u just plszz indicate the price every shoes that will be seen on the video…. how would it be a budget shoes if we dont know the price… and if you say the price please clarify your words because your just like whispering

Kid perfect says:


David Nguyen says:

Giving the people what they want! Good job #solebros

Howel Mesa says:

Do the mamba rage

Mike West says:

Which are the most comfortable

GreekSneakCollector says:

Show me the money, NOT! Very nice video!

Logan Plummer says:

What about kt2 outdoor low

Sats says:

How about Harden B/E? Is it a good buy?

stanstanminson francisco says:

does it basketball nike court borough?

Kid perfect says:


Pernection says:

Tony Parker 4

Andy Luo says:

Honestly expensive shoes on sale should *_definitely_* be considered. I copped the Hyperdunk 2017 lows for ~$72 because they dropped to $90 on and I had a 20% off code. Look in outlets too because they can have stupidly good deals as well

NBA Live Is better than 2k says:

Y’all think I should get the fly knit hyperdunk 2017?

Luka Philavong says:

this is kind of annoying because every other you tuber says that the pg2s are the best shoe to get right now and your are here saying that they are alright, with bad traction . I have watched lots of vids and people like nightwing say that the traction is amazing.

Michael Jordan says:

Hyperdunks are cheap, well at least now it is.

Moiz Khan says:

kyrie flytrap vs dame 4

Richard Xia says:

So are you guys pointing out the Crazylight boost is better than PG2? Aesthically CLB looks better, not too sure about performance thouguh.

neeks says:

what the hell the why not 0.1 are $205 in singapore and the zoom lives are $165

VeryNormal SimplePerson says:

Thanks for kind of answering my request even if you didn’t read ir in the original comment. There’s good shoes for even 60 bucks btw.

ther 5 says:

Do the Kyrie BM have as good traction as the 2s?

Devesh Agarwal says:

What insoles do u use for basketball cause the last one I got didn’t fit plz help

Noam Shani says:

mamba rage

Coach Mark says:

outdoor version pls?

Christian Garrett says:

The black dames have really good traction

Aye Meh says:


Jose Lüis Bustamante says:

Where i can buy kyrie flytrap in México i already have the kyrie 4 but i really liked the flytrap

Amait Vikram Bharadwaj says:

Hi guys, can you make a versus video featuring curry 4 low and crazylight boost 2018

miamiheat989 says:

So the kyrie 3s or flytraps cus u can get both for $80 now ?

Joshua Del Saraza says:


Jhade Baniqued says:

I was wondering if you have a video about the Lebron Ambassador 9. Tons of people said that the traction is 10/10

blackshadow272 says:

Pls do Top 10 best basketball shoes 2018 so far (price doesn’t matter)

Michael Eyob says:

Broke Boi network!

chewwi34 says:

you guys forgot all the chinese shoes you did or what ?

Young Gotti says:

You guys are discussing retail prices…if you pay retail for shoes ur nuts…wish ud go to a few marshalls or ross’s and see if u notice any older models that are better than some of the budger models

Xavier Martinez says:

On the under armor drive 4 High is on sale for 69$ + taxes

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