Top 10 GOAT Tractions/Outsoles on Basketball Shoes!

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Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

D rose 7 is the best I ever had

Cordell Creese says:

Forgot the Curry 2s!

Danimal The Animal says:

I disagree with the 13’s you can use those outdoors. They were made in the 90s and 90s shoes were made to last.

Michael O'Brien says:

If kyrie 2’s have the best traction of all time, good support and lockdown why don’t you guys ever play in them

Thomas Birrell says:

Review for the Ants Shock the Game?? (KT 3 outdoor low)

DonNoDraper says:

Those Kyrie 2’s r in my top 10 all time kicks

ExpBows says:

Jordan Jumpman Hustle?

Zenn Hewson says:

guys your are over saturating your content slow down the vids!!!

Renz Anthony Samson says:

Why there’s no Jordan 11 in the list bros!!??

Joshua Yeo says:

what about harden 1s??

Sungyong Ahn says:

I think “Jordan fly lock down” is the best traction & performance this year. Can’t think of any bad thing about it other than the looks. Although its in budget category and its not the premium feeling shoes, I think its the best performance shoes this year for sure.
Light, supportive, plush cushion, quick reaction, low to the ground, fit & lockdown are amazing, and cheap, what else u expect?

Ras 32 says:

Kyrie 4 goat traction

Hank Shen says:

How’s about jorden11

gadson92 says:

Do best outdoor shoes

Oak Land says:

How about UA Drive 4? Every review seems to agree that it has really great traction.

Nick Silva says:

Where can I get kyrie 2s now???

Preston Tang says:

Hey guys! Can you make a review on the new Nike Zoom Shift 2?

Danimal The Animal says:

What about the Air Jordan 1?

Hajun Seo says:

you always watch sole brothers videos from 1:00

QQ says:

Crazylight Boost 2016. Very similar to the 2018. Great traction. Never have to wipe.

gadson92 says:

6:27 did he just say heperdunk

Drew Kim says:

To sole brothers pin me if u care about ur fans

Felix Alvarez says:

Penny 5

king_ryan_james says:

It’s not practical by today’s standards, but the Jordan 1 has literally the most violent bite of any shoe I’ve ever worn. Those things squeak on carpet.


jordan 30 > all shoes on that list , kobe 9 2nd best traction .

Dcox720 says:

Y’all missed the OG jordan 1.

Ras 32 says:

Kyrie 3 or kyrie 4
Which one is better???

Therandomchannel 2.0 says:

Are you guys serious????? You left out Air Monarchs?!?!?!? C’mon guys I’ve come to expect more from you

Seuz Garcia says:

Jordan 1 for me

Otavio Dutra Costa says:

#29 coment came Before 55 views

palanilopez12 says:

No Kobe IV? You gotta be kidding me

MrEdd1397 says:

Herringbone for the win

Chris Worland says:

I didn’t see any goat hooves on any of these shoes…

Alvin Bong Hui Min says:

Kobe 8 traction over the Kobe 9? Seriously?

Quadruple double with turnovers says:

how many times have you made a video like this, 46?

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