Top 10 Performance Basketball Shoes of 2017!

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Canon 5d

5d Battery

5d Lens 35mm

5d Lens 14mm


Camera Light

Camera Track

Back Drop

Back Drop Cloth

5D Memory Card

Tascam “Audio Recorder”

Sony A5000 Camera

32 GB SD Card

Camera Bag


Special Agent A says:

You should make the music louder

Jesus Sandoval says:

I have the crazy explosives primknit and it’s amazing, traction is good, you feel safe in the shoe. Highly recommended, but I have the black one with the red out sole rubber

Avishay Chauhan says:

Curry 4

Jack's action sports says:

The cushion on pg1s are sweet you have to buy a half size bigger because of the padding!!

Arielle And Michell says:

You guys are so boring

hola says:

what basketball shoes should i get. i already have kyrie 3. i feel like i wna get pg 1 but not sure

That Yung Boi says:

Yeezy v2 750

lolgaming 19 says:

What is better kyrie 3s or kyrie 4s

ThatGoat_Luke Gaming says:

There are harden 2s

Dillan Day says:

To be honest I️ had Hardens and I️ rolled my ankle multiple times I hated them

ronomgenuff says:

My primeknit Crazy Explosives are shredding and I’ve only had them a few months… Durability is not good

Life on Fleek says:

Bruh I was not expecting the Drive 4’s to be on this list. My high school team has them for our team shoe and we all hate them. The traction is absolutely terrible, and we know it’s not a dusty court when guys who have Kyrie 3’s are doin just fine. We’re slipping and sliding across the court, that it’s extremely hard to cross someone or make a quick move to the basket. Not to mention they’re super uncomfortable because they have this weird back ankle support thing that only causes sores and blisters. After like 10 games in this shoe, you think they would be broken in, but nah they ain’t. Do Not Get!

Nickolas GRIMES says:

This is so fucking cringey

TrainSoccerFC says:

You call 110$ dirt cheap

Obselence aE says:

why does the asian kid start playing with his feet towards the end of the video

Kreekcraft Jr. says:

How were the lebron 11 soldiers not on here

Johnny Chang says:

Wth Rose 8? Ok I’ll try itbon

Yusuf Rahaman says:

What shoe should I cop ? Kyrie 3, Hardens, Crazy Explosive 17 or Dame 4. Thanks

Drizzy711 says:

Lebron 15 on the cover but not in the video

Joshua And Greychel says:

Curry 4

Matt Latrache says:

Where is the lebron 14

Youlove Cj says:

Where could I get those exact Pg1’s

Eoin O'Donoghue says:

Harden vol1 or the crazy explosive 2017 regular?
Which one should I buy

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