Top 10 Performing Basketball Shoes of 2018! So Far!

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Trevor Altonson says:

Y’all how could you say the hardens were bad in one vid and now they’re Sammy’s #1 shoe? The white dude said he hated the Kyrie 4s in another vid and now it’s his go-to? No one can take you seriously when you don’t even know what you like.

Brian Lu says:

Great I just bought juried flytrap haha

Savage alpha diallo says:

Heyyyyyyyyyyy foooooooookllllllllll

Kwanew1 says:

Can you guys block me please, I hate the both of you and your vids keep popping up on my feed

Brady Feldman says:

I have 2 questions why do you snap your fingers in the beginning and why do you talk so slow in the beginning

Peter W says:

The dust for Lee

John Michael daguison says:

You guys should try kobe venomenon 6 and make a review it’s the best budget shoe with awesome technology.

Kenneth Banzali says:

Just get more shoe creates come on cuh

Hi favorites says:

Why not zer0.1

Al Taylor says:

Harden vol 2 is spot on! They are an all-around performer on and off the court!!

Alitiana Yabakivitu says:

Pg 1s

Deryan Samuels says:

Is the lebron Zoom Soldier 8 good?

Janreynald Deliva says:

My list would be 1.curry 4 2.lebron 15 3.kyrie4 4.curry 5 5. Kd 10 6.kobe ad nxt 360 7.lbj soldier11 8.jordan Westbrook why not 0.1 9.harden vol.1 10.pg1-2 and that’s it

1T’s TH3 MA1N-man says:

I have pretty weak ankles and wear ankle braces occasionally but I’m stuck on wether to get the harden vol 2 or the Kyrie 4 and need people’s advice on which ones to get

remytron83 says:

What shoes are good on dust?

Steve - CSGO says:

No pg2? I would take pg2 over dame4

master kenfortress says:

Crazy explosive low 2017

TangTheG says:

Does it basketball, the UA hovr running shoes

Pablo Amigo Morales says:

Thats great I got the kyrie 4 for indoors and the harden 2 for outdoor

Merc says:

Drose 8 and Drive 4 high

Vinson S says:

@solebrothers before pulling the trigger on the harden II, could you please produce a… airforce 270 does it basketball??? Or if any of the sole squad has some input, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sebastian Narciso says:

No WoW 6?

Jeffrey Rivera says:

My favorite basketball shoe are the kobe 9s

Allan Icarangal says:

digging the new backdrop bros

carrt4730 says:

why not zero.1???

Revolution88 Wells says:

My fav is Jordan super fly 2017

Fortnite NyeFX says:

These 2 idiots put links of their camera and shit instead of shoe links.

Patrick O'Rourke says:

The fact that the curry 5 is here just shows how ignorant you guys can be

Quadri Solomon says:

Do a kyrie 4 vs crazylight boost 2018 review

El Cdn says:

Please write on the description the name of shoes

Ryan Vilo says:

Have you tried wearing Nike Elite Versatility socks when wearing the curry 4’s? The padding on the top of your ankle stops the cutting

RV Divine says:

maybe mop the floor first before you guys play, seems like you have lots of dust problem. it might change your mind on your shoe rankings

Daniel Huang says:

ehere can you get thaes shoes there amazing

KrazyGaming says:

Do a video on Kyrie 4 vs Harden vol.2

Villain Gaming says:

Sam weight 10 pounds talking about it’s no bite mfa put some weight on them shoes


Could you please tell the Canadian price

Max242424 says:

Just fucking decide man if you don’t agree just say in the video

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