Top 10 Worst Basketball Shoes of 2017

List of my top 10 Worst Basketball shoes of 2017, signature shoes of NBA players or not, if it has horrible performance it will be here. Signature shoes of Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant is all here. Don’t buy these shoes!!

Hello and welcome back tot another one of my videos. A lot of you guys asked me to make this list so here are the top 10 worst basketball shoes of 2017. Of course some of the shoes in this list will be worst than others but I still don’t recommend playing basketball in any of these shoes. Whether they have a horrible traction, cushion or material, these shoes are bad for basketball. Some of these are even signature basketball shoes. Everything from nike basketball shoes, under armour basketball shoes, jordan basketball shoes, and Chinese brand basketball shoes are here. We even have shoes of Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Klay Thompson, and Kobe Bryant. Some of these shoes are chape basketball shoes but some are also expensive basketball shoes. If you have any request for a top 10 video, then please write it down in the comments below. But please make sure to put in the keywords, top 10, in it. Enjoy!

Top 10 Worst Basketball Shoes of 2017:
10. Nike Kyrie 3
9. Nike Kobe AD Mid
8. Jordan B Fly
7. Under Armour Curry 3 Zero
6. Nike Lebron Witness
5. Nike Lebron solider 10
4. Anta KT Outdoor 2 Low
3. Nike Air Precision Flyease
2. Air Jordan 31
1. Li-ning Way Of wade 5


Meat Stroganoff says:

This list is bs

TheEpicBoy Gaming says:

U sound like a youtuber called MyUserNamesThis

Domineering Channel says:

Kyrie 3’s are on here? Are you fucking stupid?

Joshua Del Rosario says:

If the kyries are here you might as well put the bb rare metals, kobe 11, and curry 2’s because my kyries suit my play style perfectly. You said traction is the most important in a ball shoe yet kyries are here with some of the best traction of 2017 by the sole bros and nightwing? Kyries are the best shoe ive had besides kobe 9 and 8

fresh prince says:

you’re fucked u think the kyrie 3 and jordan 31 are trash

Hasan Selim Yıldırım says:

I don’t agree you Lebron witness is wonderful

Goldfin says:


wacky watermelon vlogs 2 says:

These shoes are incredible

Steph CurryFan says:

Curry 3zeros are the best

OneBellion Growtopia Plays says:

Are you fucking stupid most of this are not ugly this video should be name “Worst Performance Basketball shoes” or “Bad Quality Basketball shoes” dumbass

NoNo says:

Tbh I want some harden vol 1

Tripple squeeze N cheese says:

I have the kyrie 3 and I can feel the cushion in the heel. For a point guard they don’t really need as much cushion.


More like top basketball ball shoes not worst basketball shoes.

Juicy-Juice News says:

Kyrie 3 u probably don’t even own a damn pair

gurgle nurb says:

The Jordan 31s are not bad. I got the space jams and the traction is not that bad

B3AST MOD322 says:

this man said the kyrie 3 my favorite player im dead


Did you buy all and play in them no

Vader_Yt Gaming says:

This man is blind KYRIE 3, JORDAN 31, CURRY 3, this man is just direspecting me really bad -_- ugh, THERE IS ALWAYS DUST IN THE FLOOR YOU DING DONG RETARD -_-, Bruh ” horrible traction” THESE SHOES LOOKS WAY BETTER THAN YOUR FACE AND YOUR WHOLE LIFE MAN…

Chia ZX says:

Top 10 Running Shoes That Can Be Used For Basketball Gameplay

Ben Hauser says:

Bad list

dank Bank says:

How would you know if the materials on the upper of the Kobe’s would tear after one use, that’s just straight up dumb. Why would Nike release a shoe that rip straight away, you know they run tests right?

Skye says:

All he pick is cool shoes but he said all these shoes are worst for him

kid curry gaming says:

Dude you got evreything wrong man you should stick with youtube but not content bout basketball

max brandon says:

You just have no taste

Billy Rhodes says:

As soon as I saw the Kyrie 3 on the list I just stoped watching the video. The Kyrie 3 is freaking dope

Anthony Chen says:

you do realize kyries were made for speed right. the purpose of it is to sacrifice cushion but in return you get some beastly traction, insane responsiveness and court feel

Robles 345 says:

Wtf bitch

Kung says:

Kyrie 3’s???????? traction is great and ankle support is also good. i bet you didn’t get any of these shoes

Skye says:

Fuck your video lebron soldier 10 is famous shoes in the philippines

Cheese says:

The point of a basketball shoe is not to be comfortable and cushioned, it’s used for performance, that’s why the Kyrie 3 should not be on this list

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