Top 5 Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes for Casual Wear!

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Kim Slayer says:

Curry 5 gave me super bad blisters and it really effected shoe so ha dot wear, to me, the cushion isn’t great, traction sucks, materials give me blisters and the fit is super narrow in the mid foot and I have a slightly narrow foot, curry 5 is worst curry I’ve tried without a doubt and worst ball shoes this year for me

Michael Eyob says:

Air Jordan 31

Ivan Lin says:

Hardens or crazy explosives?

I leyk Tortls says:

for every shoe review they make, they add another top 5 or 10 w/ the shoe they just reviewed.

Hector Lazo says:


EasilyLoving YouEasy says:

These sole sh*tters are fan of the curry 5 which is one of the worst shoe of the year!!!

dan cash says:

What the best harden vol2 colorway so far ? I have the harden vol2 March madness ASU colorway but want to get another pair. I the blue or all black or the pioneer colorway.

king_ryan_james says:

LeBron 15, LeBron 15 Low, and Kobe Protro are all good

Noah esparza says:

Do an update for wide feet!!!

MigsDescalzo says:

I would put Curry 4 and Kyrie 4 in this list…. Curry 5 cushion is shit
Edit: what about Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit?

robert s says:

everybody said the curry 5s were terrible and kd 10s look like boats

ty _co says:

I woulda put dame 4 and curry 4 low imo but good vid

ThatKiddCole says:

Dame 4s?

SeanMichael 11 says:

This is what am asking

51DDH4R7H 5R1N1V454N says:


jaken jayzee says:

nightwing and jahronmon got blisters with curry 5, what happened to these reviews? pls reply did u you use curry 5 for about 4hrs playing it?

Gabriel Juarez says:

Can you guys do a performance review on the flynikt jordan 1 I heard it has a zoom unit in them mabey the cushion is not so bad

jillitor Torres says:

I’m Kyle curry 1 to curry 5 Kyle torres

12WeMet1 says:

The Kd 10s r dope

Jizray Amargo says:

Why do other shoe youtubers experienced crazy blisters while you guys actually loved the curry5s??

Sweedish Fish says:

Ask Nightwing how comfortable the Curry 5 is

Joseph Holman says:

clb vs curry 5?

cancer jcancer says:


Steven Leonard says:

Ayyye what’s uppp!?!

Joshua Lee says:

+The Sole Brothers, do Li Ning CJ McCollum Sonic 6 review

GPV 13 says:

No kyrie 4 ? And in my opinion the fly traps look like shit

Oscar Cazares says:

Sammy can’t feel the bron 15!? That’s crazy

Brydi Heebner says:

bro, these dudes are like curry line dickriders, almost all the other people who have tested the curry 5’s have experienced blistering and cuts on their foot and the traction isnt even that good, but you know some people have diffrent type of feet

Peter Magbor says:

Really like this channel

John Benedict Torda says:

Can you try the peak TR7

Benedict Wrigley says:

First bois

Adam Roshak says:

This shit proves these two assholes are trash, Curry 5 is a horrible sneaker but got a rave review from these fucks smh

trabon88 says:

How about Top 10 most comfortable shoes ever.

Max242424 says:

Fuck off with the curry 5s and Kyrie Flytraps I swear u the only reviewers that like it

I am A Finger says:

What shoe size is Sammy? Cause he said there’s no size for kdx, and I’m a girl that’s size 9 so I’m a size 7.5 in men’s.

Venthos says:

Did these niggas really list Curry’s as a comfortable shoe lmao.

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