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GET THE PG 3 HERE; https://bit.ly/2MHaEJS

GET THE CURRY 6 HERE: https://bit.ly/2EWo2J4

GET THE HARDEN VOL 3 HERE: https://bit.ly/2RcZo9g


GET THE KYRIE 5 HERE: https://bit.ly/2Tb0yD3

GET THE ZERO.2 HERE: https://bit.ly/2UPpC3A

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630FF _ says:

Dame 5 vs Curry 6

Kirk Matthew says:

i saw a flytrap 2 that has a white upper with clovers like the boston celtics and has gum sole i saw it at my local mall in the philippines so i look it up in google and i never found it is it not yet released

TayWilliamsTV says:

my go-to shoes are pg 2.5, kyrie 4 and kobe 11

Daniel Kaye says:

we see that ripped traction on the curry 6

Wyatt Tuschman says:

Please Do the D Rose retro 1.5

Sneaker Boi says:

How do i become a shoe tester on youtube? I watch your videos alot and have been wondering

Warren T says:


Khent Saludo says:

Please dona Curry 6 vs KT4 review Thanks

Goran Rukljač says:

My go to shoes right now are Lebron 16 and Soldier 12 indoor, and Soldier 11 outdoor.

405 breeze says:

Got the curry 4 bred high last weekend and I was sleeping on them they are my top performers by far

GuianTheGamer GTG says:

I played my BHM kyrie 5’s outdoors and it just slips crazy

Benjamin R. says:

“$140, pretty cheap.” Lol what?

Shoe Geak says:

Pg 3 vs kyrie flytrap 1 because Donny wears both of them a lot

cupoisland11 says:

you can customize pg3 on nike ID now

Can Gunduz says:

No why not zero 2 on the list? God damn what are you guys smoking lol

Johnnyboy says:

Please make a video for wide footers. Or maybe techniques to widen it of possible

Dani Dodo says:

where can i buy that fing shirt

SPH emps says:

hmmm I might try the PG 3’s on in store for more insight about the shoe. Love your content btw.

Tom Erdenebag says:

I am looking to get one of the shoes Donny boi chose

Chris Essick says:


Ilham Maulana says:

Please subtitle indonesian

RyanDON Has afro says:

I think the kyrie 5 is underrated IN MY OPINION

Anthony S says:

PG3 and kobe 4 protro for me

Nathan Orridge says:

When you kill a cockroach with your hand 0:03

Joey Hager says:

If you play defense and are quick laterally don’t get the zero.2, they aren’t stable because the outsole is too rounded off.

Jaron Taylor says:

Wow guys no kobe’s lol..shocking…im maybe im the only one. But most of my shoes un my collection are shoes from 2013 and below…like kobe 6s or kobe 8..or jordan retros from 2k13 and below..i dont think i have any shoes made in 2019 or 18

AdrianZeAwes says:

Harden v3 are goat

Clash With Bedre says:

Do video like – PG fakes vs ORGINALS and Harden vol 3 fakes vs ORGINALS!

Dan Pratt says:

I just customize my PG3 I’m expecting them in early April I got my Harden 3 customize also

J Diep says:

“Bred and white” why everyone forget the Chicago colorway, I mean that is what it’s called…

rraannddyy says:

i really liked & played in the harden vol 1 a lot but I want something else to wear similar to it but maybe just a lil bouncier? any suggestions, something with pretty solid traction too

SKEWEY says:

What’s the shoe in the thumbnail?

Anthony Lin says:

Is it just me or the harden 3 makes your foot really sore. I’ve been playing it in for a month now and everytime I play hard, the middle of my foot gets really sore and goes numb if I keep pushing it. I have to take it off after 30 mins of play everytime. Does anyone know the reason to this? I thought maybe it was the ventilation suffocating my foot. It’s the right size too.

Caritas Uhagaze says:

The harden vol 3 for kids has bounce and is 100 dollars

Clash With Bedre says:

Bro’s in my country Nike didn’t shop where can I get them? To Latvia? In shops they are too expensive !

mr kyrie says:

My go to shoes are kyrie 3 and Why Not ZERO.1 for indoors, and KD 8 for outdoors

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