100 Kickflips In The Converse One Star Shoes

It seems like it’s been too long since we made our brand manager, Matt Price handle one of these challenges. We noticed he’s been a little lazy lately so we thought, why not put him in a fresh pair of Converse Cons One Stars to get the old heart rate up? He always thanks us once it’s done. Check out who broke first, him or the shoes, in this installment of the 100 Kickflip Challenge!

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Deshawn Morris says:


Universal Remote says:


tumanyan8 says:

Do they run large?

Tony Nguyen says:

These shoes skate awesome. I got some. Toe box is super thin tho that’s my only complaint.

Big E says:

how about a hundred good kickflips? find some steez bro

The Joker says:

It’s Sam from GOT

Kevin Ryan says:

Huf Hupper lo 2 next, perhaps??

HornyCapricorny says:

love it when Matt dose these. seriously like… somehow inspiring.

Faisal Suyudul says:

metric cls please

supakidgalaxy says:

Wait…the one star has two stars on one shoe. :O

Robert Clark says:

he can kickflip and i have trouble ollieing

Chris Panganiban says:

the way you laced those is driving me nuts. thats not how most people tie their shoes.

Jacob Ianuzi says:

Tyler the creator doesn’t recall having a relationship with these shoes

CaseyKills says:

these shoes lasted me a good two months before I ripped through all layers in the ollie area. the pointy toe affected the flick just a little. definitely go a half size down and if you have more narrow feet maybe a whole size. the little “teeth” on the midsole wears down quick but it somehow keeps it’s grip. the only downside of these and any cons shoe with the chuck taylor outsole is that they tend to peel up from the midsole

Jake sellaton says:

fuck a kickflip, most shoes are thick where you flick. I want to see how many ollies it stands. Ollies are more important as it reflects more normal wear and tear such as pushing through the streets, Olli up curbs, etc

Julio says:

Do one for the Huf Soto!

Sam Anderson says:

This guy remind anyone else of Lil Dicky? It’s uncanny…

Ricardo Medina says:

Were are my shoes, i ordered like a month ago

Brandon Mortimer says:

you should do a 100 kickflips of the Nike SB zoom janoskis

Joey Ugulava says:

Do it 100 kicks with fallen chief XI Jamie Thomas please

Charlie Reid says:

New idea 100slappys in the Indy hollows

Deven Dang says:

lol this guy, always entertaining.

Eric Mcali says:


Brandon Mortimer says:

I love Matt price he’s hilarious. and ccs is fucking awesome, I got a pair of zoom janoskis for 34 bucks

Kelvin Ramirez says:

I like matts personality

2seater B says:

Thanks you !

Lefty says:

Milimeters? Fucking Canadians

Logan Black says:

You guys are awesome. You should try 100 kickflips barefoot.

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