3 colors – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 Review + Unboxing +On Feet + comparison – Mr Stoltz 2015

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 is this weeks video review and unboxing with a close-up and on-feet look.
Thanks for watching / Mr Stoltz

The Chuck Taylors has always been one of the most iconic and stylish shoe of all time. I compare three different colors (red, white, and blue) in this video with an on-feet and close-up look at all three.

Check here for the un-boxing part of the Converse Chuck Taylor 2:

Check here for the on-feet part of the Converse Chuck Taylor 2:

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Pa3k says:

Aghhhh man! I don’t know which one to pick! White ones look the best but they are harder to clean! And I can’t decide between red and blue!!!

austin1999 says:

I’d take the blue ones. every school year my mom takes me to get a new pair of shoes for the year, so on that day, I’ll be looking for those! would love to have the 2’s, but they might be slightly expensive, so I might get the originals. either way, they’re gonna be blue converse high tops

ThatsJimmii says:

People say it fits narrow so I don’t know what size to get.
I wear a size 10 tubular x prime knit.
What size do you think I should get?

harry silalahi says:

great channel…keep up the good work…

PaulD says:

I have the yellow version, great shoes!

wellsloreyn musicallys /vlogs says:

i like white because you can dress it up you can dress it down

Erny says:

Welcome back.. Kys

Jewgeni Novoselic says:

Out of blue

Chim Richolds M.D says:

the white ones are such a clean look but i hate how they look once they get filthy. i want the all black ones too.

Jtnawesome says:

the soles are different

huy dương says:

Công nhận nc ngoài cũng mua Việt nam

Jin Aliee says:

Wow Vietnam!!! It’s my country!

IOSinferno says:

I bought them ……. yayayayayayayta

sneakersurabaya says:

please watch my video sneakers review thanks 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRTPS9s62wA

Esther T says:

When u are made to wear ashore u don’t like “aiyah nvm no body look one people look tee shirt not shoe
When u wear branded shoe “OMG People will be jealous

Emil Salas says:

I have the old ones for 1 month one. Should i buy the all star 2??

Frankie Kennedy says:

Do you like the high tops better or the low tops. I like to hear preferences to see which ones I might get

Jacob Padilla says:

How does it do when it gets wet?

maniacram says:

The blue ones look killer

debstar2005 says:

Great review liked the way you showed how they looked with jeans up or down that was really useful and in short for us girls that wear dresses. Thanks

Frankie Kennedy says:

I was thinking of the low tops but now I’m thinking around it and might get the high tops

Asole Hem says:

They looked clean but the texture of the shoes made it look ugly whith jeans, and joggers in my opinion

Tomas Cambre says:

just cop, love your videos man, really proffesional please keep that way

xBacon Senpai says:

Nice vid dude!

Emil Salas says:

The white ones look gay on men

Will John says:

Should i get mono black or blue?

b2st230 says:

Are those waterproof????

Nathan Te legdend says:

The blue one replaced with white laces is the best

OG Kryptone 25 says:

and hey if you don’t like the laces on the blue and red ones just replace them with white ones personal preference but get the 54 length long ones

Frankie Kennedy says:

Thx for the opinion I really support your vids by the way

Luke Oommen says:

This dude got weird ass legs

KC Trilla says:

those joggers go well with the red and white ones. Damn, I might just pull that one off.

Teddy Cruz says:

The blue ones are by far my favorites. I’m excited because I ordered a pair of blue ones that are coming this week!!!!!!!

amore y says:

i like read shoe

Burgavo11 says:

It would be even better if they were made in the USA, like some of the New Balance

Rob L says:

These ok for squatting and deadlifting compared to the originals? thanks

mynintendo says:

man i should’ve bought the high black tops instead of the blue lows

Mister Tterevel says:

I got a Pair of Black High Tops, I Love ‘Em

Den -X says:

O love the Blue one always.

Matty LCQ says:

Just did a vid of my yellow 1970 converse, check it aaat

Blue Flame says:

I like the blue shoe
1) Because I’m biased to blue
2) It captures my attention more then the red shoe

Mr BuCacRong says:

I’m very proud because all of these shoes made in my coutry , Vietnam

SAVAGE ' says:

i wear 8,5 on my old chucks my true size is 9, which size should i get???

Sergeant George says:

Can I still buy chuck taylor 1?

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