In this follow up to my video ‘5 Things I Hate About Converse’ I go over 7 things I love about my Chuck Taylor All Stars (I cheated, it was supposed to be 5), including the best things about Converse in general and the reason I’m probably wearing converse right now.

My ‘Dark Atomic Teal’ Converse Chuck Taylor All Star I shoes: http://amzn.to/2sSIUvq


Jordan Karl says:

But i feel slightly fooled i thought you had like a big following how well the video was ive never realized that lol ill sub then.

Bill says:

When I was a kid in the 60’s the black low tops were THE cool shoes. When the retail price hit $5.00 per pair my Mom said that was her limit. Anything over $5.00 was on me. It was the same for Levi 501’s. Ah the 60’s

Jordan Karl says:

Yeah where this in -15 degree weather in the snow in the Midwest yeeeet

Speedcolaza Z says:

When I saw converse shoes and asked my mom if I could get them (I was getting new shoes at the time) she said they were gitl shoes…I COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWESOME CONVERSE SHOES!!!

Dora Wilson says:

I love converse I’m a 55 year old mom of 4 and I own maybe 15 pair

hughesms says:

They’re actually easy to pack. When you’re going aboard you can lay them flat in your case.

Eduardo Rais says:

shit shoes, I bought them from a store called platypus in sydney, normally cost well over 129 dollars but I got them on special, 3 months on and the shit things are ripped, the top falling apart. before that I purchased a 12 dollar per of shoes from a store called k-mart, 3 years on and perfect. converse shoes are shit and the company should reimburse me to see what the hell is wrong with them, they must have pride in what they make.

cherry berry and meme says:

I have those i buy it today!

Tomato Mcnuggets says:

Just got my 1st pair of converse…im in love

Markb Vasquex says:

chucks are flexible. you can wear them with white socks. black socks. black nylons. stockings. barefoot. no socks. With dress. pants. shorts. jeans. business suite. white wedding dress. male and female. Young kids adults. awesome unique look. cool shoe.

Otakun The vegan says:

I love my converse~ I have had them for over a year. I bought them just before I went vegan and luckily the converse I bought just so happen to be cruelty free~ No leather in mine or animal fat based glue. I got black mid tops, and I tend to wear jeans and T-shirts with them, I sport a causal cute boy look~ ;3 Other times I wear my slightly baggy light brown pants but I tend to wear jeans a lot to. I love them a lot and they are so cute on me~ I love that converse are so gender neutral and and comfortable~ Great video!

JFomo says:

They are so uncomfortable, i don’t know how people can wear them for years.
They good thing about them i can wear them with most of my outfits.

Kian Roushanai says:

I want to use these for boxing outside but i dont know if its worth it

Shoaib Khan says:

Why you are looking there
Is your script there

papa bumbo says:

My preference
My first pair of converse was a low top with a light blue tone
It was easy to put on
My second pair was a rainbow low top
My third was black iconic high tops
Which were hard to put on at first but more comfortable then low tops
My fourth pair was a pair of white red and blue high top pair.
My fifth was another black iconic high top pair
My black high tops lasted me a year until I had to get another one, as the bottom of the shoe had a hole in it from me running in them and wearing them almost every single day

Leo_The_Kat says:

i have been wearing the same pair for maybe 4 or 5 years, i just discovered a hole in them, though i did know they where starting to fall apart. its a sad day in my world when my favorite shoes fall apart, just ordered a new pair though.

Vwall007ST says:

Hahah the ps3 screen in the background

Constantine lehara says:

i fall in love with her in the first place n not only me actually all of my brothers love her too witch is really awesome for me cuz u know walk with all of ur 4 brothers with the same shoes 3 of us wear the high n 2 of us have the low 1 love it

Maxx says:

I got them because I have diarrhea a lot.

TheTallMan35 says:

If you got caught wearing a pair of these when I was a kid you got laughed at, nowadays Chucks are all the rage.

Paul Fitzpatrick says:

Im not sure if I like converse high tops with shorts on guys (for girls they are ok). For guys wearing skinny jeans they look great though!

mommie has no filter says:

My daughter will wear no other sneaker. She ♥️ Converse Chuck.

Javier M says:

I want these shoes but every girl has these

Vidhyut Gadia says:

I just got one exact same pair for 15$. same color, same style. All my life i’ve been wearing low tops, excited to see how well do these high tops go on a skinny guy like me. High tops or Low tops???

Arron Burr says:

My converse like the bottom where the shoe connects with the like bottom part thing… Ik I make no sense, but mine broke… It just came off, and I cried… I had to get new ones except I got the lower ones not the high top they are yellow and I like them, but my high tops are pink

Jordan Karl says:

Stop you know you arent wearing chucks in the wet windy winter of chicago.

Fahad Islam Mahe Michelle says:

My man eat healthy stuff and hit he gym

Frank Baker says:

Your glasses are crooked af

Sonya Blade says:


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