A Better Converse | The Chuck 70

Nothing beats a classic, but the premium features of The Chuck 70 elevate the classic to a whole other level.

Instagram – @hueguh

Shoes -https://www.converse.com

Chinos – https://www.bananarepublic.com

Shot With:
Canon 6DII – https://tinyurl.com/ya3vh49p
Canon 24-70 – https://tinyurl.com/ydelczqr
C-Stand – https://tinyurl.com/ycwvruo7
Tripod – https://tinyurl.com/ybhugfdt
Drone – https://tinyurl.com/yb8xbhum


Matthew Hildebrandt says:

Hey Hueguh! What would you choose if you had to pick between The Chuck 70 and the Reebok C 85 you recommended in your summer essentials video?

Kevin K says:

How do they break in though? Do they become more comfortable over time and form to your foot?

FuzzyDancingBear says:

Damn i thought everyone knew this

Eduardo Medrano says:

Solid video bro. Does anyone suggest I keep a shoe tree in my chuck Taylor’s or just don’t worry about it?

DarkWing 81 says:

PF Flyers are making a come back

idcjake10 says:

70s models have an additional side stitch that helps support the canvas compared to the og ones that flop over time. Insoles are similar to the comfortable ones used in the john varvatos converse collab.

almash says:

Your channel’s gonna blow up this month fs

Janervousal Studios says:

I have 3 pair of chuck 70 and i love it.

Damber haung Rai says:

I love converse…

Derrick Sin says:

literally convinced me to impulse buy em after this video

Luke Patterson says:

PF Flyers – guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher

TripleAceAAA says:

but the shoe is so heavy lol….and the black ones look horrible…like clown shoes with all that white sticking on a black canvas….and that thick rubber toe part …meh
chucks 2’s are nicer but no one seems to like them….

David Wyatt says:

Never been a fan of the low-converse. Always preferred the Hi-tops.

jeff cw says:

This is an amazing channel!

Toney Franco says:

All I fucc with is 70 chucc

MOTION / 5 says:

So TTS or size down?

Nielsen says:

I cant get the tounge to stay in place

Ryan Diaz says:

Sucks I couldn’t never were converse because I’m flat foot lol

Thomas Sparks says:

Where are they sold? I’ve looked everywhere and only found one in leather at Finish Line.

Sucharith Battina says:

Good boy.

Julius Castillo says:

It sucks that no one knows the history of chucks

Wi11matic says:

Very well done!

James Clamor says:

You talk like brad hall

Christian Costa says:

Hey man what pants are those?

Peter Carson says:

Great content. Keep it up!

Don Ntontolo says:


Dequan Brewington says:

Do they run true to size?

Finkardop says:

Just buy pf flyers if you want a good quality shoe

Brandon Farley says:

Do they come in black? I’ve been rocking chucks for 15 years.

chris taylor says:

Spot on, visually equivalent to “vintage” adored (and paid for! )all over Asia,
Once tried, that’s it.
If you can pick ‘em up, do it.

w j says:

How resilient to water is the canvas?

thePowerPlant says:

I really love the look of Chuck Taylors but I hate cemented constructions. Maybe oneday…

alvin081988 says:

do they still have lunarlon

CASE says:

What a silky voice

Earl Lozano says:

They not true to size tho

Гоша Сваровский says:

Well yeah, they are great, but eventually the rubber part of the sole, which transitions to the upper canvas, will start to come off. but it’s not a big deal, been wearing cdg model for three years, and it’s still converse — they look better then they are beat to shit

Mads Antoft says:

What strap is that you’ve put on your Submariner? I’m looking for a nice strap for my Omega Seamaster, and even though it’s not a close up, yours look really neat.

Pepper Shaker says:

I love your videos bro, need to increase volume on the voice overs though

Acidic petals says:

true to size ? i thought the 70’s runs one size bigger ?

Ruslan Polishchuk says:

Name pants, pls?

Mohammed Idris says:

Production quality is great!

Jesus Rivera says:

Shoes Like Pottery > Converse

also falling for the commes de garcon meme kek

ProbablyThe1 says:

hey what were the pants? thx

CJ Jones says:

Are they made in the USA? If so I’ll buy a pair.

antonio gasca says:

I agree with everything everything you said but the sizing, I had to go a half size down. The 70 is the way to go though.

Humberto Quintero says:

Wish the socks were white

What Zeet Tooya says:

Just got my new Classic one, new box, new insole, feel so different than the first Classic. I have one pair 70s too, both of them just awesome.

Ezra Antarez says:

this is the explanation i’ve been looking for

Al L Watkins says:


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