Allison fashion shoe review, non slip, Converse, American Eagle

Fashion haul reivew


Scott Houle says:

What size?

jjeremy350 says:

Cant see her toes

aliasalpha says:

Nice but.. how about some boots?

Girls sockvore21 says:

She needs to wear colorful socks

K Dawg says:

I want to smell all of your shoes, and your beautiful feet, especially when you been working all day, love the stinky feet smell

Rahul VS says:

the best part is from 1:14 to 1:32

and whats with the fake thumbnail…

showing barefeet isnt actually gonna get these videos flagged right? its just feet… wish you could add some barefeet like that more to these videos which would have fetched you more views and we could have seen something other than these worn out shoes also… cheers

Sick SickAh says:

Are your feet ticklish

skeetums420 says:

Does she smoke? Does she have any shoes with cig burns?

Octobre Rouge says:

For sale Shoes ??

Albert Nevaras says:

Nice Feet

Albert Nevaras says:

More Please

Nintendorak Yamato says:


Scott Serson says:

I want to help you

zak cool says:

I would love to help!

zak cool says:

Hello,upcycle shoes how do I purchase these shoes,How do I pm you

Wayne Newton says:

Email me would love to help……….

Tank2527 says:

MMMM! I want kiss and smell your sexy feet

Roulada Diggers says:

Sweaty soles toes feet for smelling licking

Lord Racoon says:

7:30 delicious

steve wurzbacher says:

Very classy beautiful lady

Wayne Newton says:

Allison how much for a good pair

Robert Grajewski says:

You cute……

tmarmachine28 says:

More of this angel, please!

shenard Anthony says:

Your content is getting better, finally showing some bare soles. Great job man

Scott Serson says:


john blaze says:

wow beautful woman sexy feet i love the foot smell would love a taste and a smell…..

videonut15 says:

White socks next time?

איתן בר says:

OMG!! wow!!! amazing baresoles!!

Soft Soleman05 says:

I love that sockless!
7:30-7:35 Her soles are cute too

*I would like to see more of her soles!

James Lafleur says:


egknight1970 says:

Wow!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Scott Serson says:

I am your slave

Zeddy Giantess Lover! says:

Whats a Session?

john temp says:

now thats what i’m talking about! she has some beautiful feet. she should model ballet flats all the time.

Gary Soles says:

I love your pale white looking feet soles goddess Alison, I exploded looking at them, more bare feet soles videos close up please!

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