Are Converse Good for Skateboarding?

This is an unboxing, skate test, and initial impressions of the Converse CTAS Pro (Black Suede/White).

Here’s a direct link to the shoes –

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Are Converse good for skating? I’d say yes, but they are definitely a weird feeling skate shoe until you really break them in, and seem to wear down a little fast.

Song: What You Need by Seneca B –

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Le Patris says:

What deck size do you ride?

Phantom Singer says:

Those are Chuck Taylors right? Or does america call them converse?

Jay Dilla says:

The big toe caps look dope with your style

GamerGirl13 says:

my favorite one was at 3:51

Adam Tidmas says:

but they do look fkn delicious

morty_ falch says:

totally inside

Angel Hernandez says:

Such a rad video

Jester Buddersworth says:

I have that same fucking nasa cap. I love it

Breezy says:

I could listen to 2:40 all day

INDIGO says:

what pants are those

terean bushert says:

I like cons there great even just the hightops are nice for skating

dudren says:

converse are sick, i own a pair of cons ctas hi suede and they are great. i love the huge toecap and the insoles. gives amazing boardfeel.

BlueStratMatt25 says:

that was the best front heel ive ever seen


are you Greek?

Jay Dilla says:

I’m addicted to your review videos! Lol big ups from Cali

TyApplePie says:

mine lasted 2 months … only did shuvs and 180s due to there being no flick …. they’re called cons because it Is a fucking con

TechLikeABoss says:

3:39 what trick was that?

gry wlv says:

George do you still have those converse. If so could you show how they have hold up with all the tricks you are doing with them

Dmitri Shays says:

love the vids but youre very monotone

Alpha Betsoup says:

which cons are these?

Nikolas Efremidis says:

Έλληνας είσαι ερωτηματικό

hilman hamdi says:

dude im thinking of buying this ctas pro,but my shoe size is 10uk,should i take a much bigger size like 10.5uk

ragenlove93 says:

i loved the edit, but you are not that good in skateboarding to make a review. your flick is obviosly not going to work unless you start to up your leg a bit more and faster

Bamren says:

I have all different types of cons

alex chigga says:

what’s the music in the background?

FuzzyDancingBear says:

That’s crazy, normally I’m a ten or ten and a half but in the cons I gotta go with nines. However I love the shoes, they break in well and the flick is p dope.

Ari Reynoso says:

2:30 that kid was smooth af

SquishGaming04 says:

Are you sponsored?

Oscar R says:

fuck im having the same problem, im 10.5 and i feel like a fucking clown. should have got them in a 10. how did they break in ??

Charley Riedel says:

i went to ps 321 for elementary

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