Are Converse Shoes good for skateboarding?

Are Converse Shoes good for skateboarding?


Defalt says:

should I shoe good my converse before skateboarding?

wonder boy says:

where is this part tho??

Kevin Ryan says:

This video was trash. Not sure why I watched it. Also, this video is disqualified since you potentially purchased “fake” Converse shoes which didn’t give you an accurate comparison of shoes.

One more thing, the CT 2 is not just an all rubber model. It has Rubber outsole like the original CT, but comes in suede, canvas, and rubber versions.

Should have checked out the CT AS Pro by Converse if you were gonna make a vid about Converse shoes being good for skating or not.

Jim Dor says:

companys like revive???? lol ok mate

Richard says:

There is no such thing as a good skate shoe that’s made of canvas.

Michael Relevant says:

I deleted the part where I talk about the flick. The rubber toe cap is grippy and durable. It’s totally different than suede or leather.

HeavyweightHolt says:

use the shape of your board or the style of your shoes as an excuse to not skate as hard? wtf is this kook trying to teach kids

Devs says:

why didnt you get the ctas pros which are made for skateboarding….

owenisageek. says:

This is a really good video. You deserve more subscribers

hambrother says:

basically he’s saying skating Chucks is good cause of the // a e s t h e t i c //

Arlington Anariba says:

I can’t kickflip for shit with chucks.

TheDude4077 says:

Standard chucks are 50 dollars new, and have been for like a decade. Where are you getting the 70 dollar price from?

Devan Ganga says:

Hey Michael are you still Relevant

SpawnoftheEd says:

no one skates regular chucks…. they made all suede chuck pros for a reason…

Gin Ichimaru says:

I thought my phones… Battery was low.

Geothompson _ says:

I had no idea about thin insoles would help I was wearing vans with three insoles to stop heel bruise after my sb ripped I broke my leg after a week of wearing them

ATX World says:

what size do you wear?

ATX World says:

still skating these chicks?

Taj Outlaw says:

converse dont change a damn thing. your just sorry

joshua kearl says:

Review is irrelevant this kid has a wack style and not really good at all at skating. Where them Tre he be talking about. haha

Ayden Sands says:

if ur gonna skate in converse skate the converse one star it has better grip and its swayed its made for skateboarding while the chuck taylors arent made for skateboarding so they rip easily cause they are canvass chuck taylors are more of a everyday fashion shoe like u wear them everywhere but the one stars are just for skateboarding

Hankis Gaming says:

Michael Relevant can u do a review on Globe Sabre or Globe Fusion or Globe Tilt? I haven’t really seen any reviews on it

ATX World says:

still have them?

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