Taking a look at whether or not you can play basketball in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star! Let me know what you think and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!



Ashton Pope says:

I loved playing in my high top converse chuck 1s and I didn’t have any problems

Owen Price says:

Fresh trim Ray

Kaden daft says:

I’m a point guard so the cushion was fine for me and court feel was great

Jake. says:

When i lived in florida for a bit, everybody played in all there sneakers. One day youd play in Roshes, the next KDs, the next Chucks. Its really not that bad. They pretty flat and the cushion is straight buns but you can play in anything bro… ive seen niggas bust ass in timbs. I dont see what the big deal is.

Becky Coolidge says:

They were probably even worse back in the day

Colton Cary says:

So I know they’re not good for basketball…but are they good for working out/lifting in?

Pogi Problems says:

Do a kobe 11 em performance review 🙂

Ryxb Ydhbss says:

when I was 7 I played in these

Brian Willas says:

Do the all star 2 coz there are changes!

roger surez says:

how bout the chucks 2? is it good for basketball?I have basketball shoes but dang I like the classic style of chucks….

muddajaedon says:

wha city do you live in? Toronto?

Ricardo Berumen says:

Og high top shoes from back then always have good traction like the aj1, af1, chucks, even vans but they all lack cushion.

Paul Boranian says:


Nitro68 Speed says:

i have converse and their dirty riped and laces are black

Alex Dabese says:

I play basketball with converse

Nathaniel Napitupulu says:

why you said dont try this at home its just a sneaker

Sean Sorkin says:

Those are really nice to wear casually.

i smell bananas says:

it is so freaking thin

_ LilBitBallistic _ says:

on a scale of 1 to 10 how would u rate these shoes?

Clay Mahaffey says:

When I was in the 6th grade I tried out for basketball in my converse low tops lol

The Joe Piper says:

Damn Converse are $30 in USA? In London they’re £60+ depending on the model. That’s $86.

Doni ACM says:

what do u use to tape ur ankles and why would you tape them?

TheMarshall says:

Ray Ray ball in some Jordan 1s never seen anyone do it and I kinda want to try but I want to see your opnion

Noah Gaming says:

They made chuck 2 with a lunarlon insole

Julianoo _25 says:

After two days in playing in them I got two blisters on both of my pinky toes

Matt The Sasquatch says:

Chucks will always be a classic. Maybe not for basketball anymore, but still that shoe no matter the condition they’re in, they look fantastic with almost anything.

alex thelizardking says:

might have to do with the fact that Converse makes tennis shoes

Led Zeppelin Fan says:

Is it me or convers is known for not having a comfortable shoes

Haha XD says:

better than that stupid Kanye shoe

Q 215 says:

Who else came from the 80+ sneaker video?

I couldn't come up with an original name D: says:

Chucks made prior to (I believe) around 2000 were also bulkier, more of a boot design. When Nike took over, they made it more “flat” and “pointier”

Tumble Boy says:

lmao I bought mine back in september for basketball cuz im retarded. I wore them about 10 times and they are so ripped up and destroyed. IDK how but they are also too tight for me so im gonna throw them away now.

Brian Lamar says:

If you have 3o dollars to buy a pair of basketball shoes, get shaqs

TheRemixPunk says:

Uh, how’d you change the color on the sole, or is it that how it was bought?

Sagan says:

Your disrespecting a great shoe, but whatever. These shoes are for people that arent pansys and can trade in comfort for durability.

I am says:

I ball with janoskis every day hard af

ben vandeghinste says:

+therealrayray20 stop bitching about the shoes they are awsome shoes i skate in them i do everything with them basket running everyday use They fit great look great

Dafele Arozal says:

did you get a haircut?

Taha Ibrahimi says:

wow bill russel must’ve been a rebel, LOL!

Europe's Native says:

your stupid those are the real original bball shoe

kassity meade says:

dont be hating on the chucks

Joseph Dowling says:

In my 2k16 mycareer dead ass there is this one dude on the Sixers that balls in all white chucks

tessarene arenas says:

in our country we play in flip-flops . sometime barefooted.
*no complaints

Ca vs says:

My classmate wears this during our basketball games because they are so poor that they can’t afford good basketball shoes.Even though he is so hustle at defense, he didn’t rolled or injured his ankles by using this.Mad respect for him!

brydon10 says:

99 years old, but they’ve changed a lot since then and I’m not talking about the Chuck 2s.

J-dog Reacts says:

Yah put a video of you wearing them

GioTypeStuff says:

what about now

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