Chuck Taylor Converse Platform | Review/Unboxing!

Thanks for watching!! I hope you all enjoyed this video &my new shoes! (:
Here are the SHOEZZ:

See how I style these shoes &my daily outfits:

xoxo Adrianna

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AlluringAdrianna says:

I love dubstep!! hahaha 😀 😀 Thanks so much for watching! <3 <3

sin545 says:

love how those shoes look on you!!! 😀

keshagurl228 says:

my prayers were answered i looked in the mail and it was a magazine that sells them in high and low tops but only in green and pink

Davina Merritt says:

Omg your so pretty your skin is amazing you have such a sweet accent ♡♡♡♡

AlluringAdrianna says:

really!!! That’s awesome! I’ve never seen anyone with them before out &about! 😛 I love converse! those white ones sound awesome. (:

Valerie Tanuwidjaja says:

So the converse platform is only sold online?

maria choudhary says:

they are cool shoes

Goldensunshine says:

Do you know anywhere else I can get them on that link doesn’t have them anymore

dulce limon says:


Doge says:

Can these be for men? I always feel short at events when all of the girls are wearing heels and am looking for a shoe for a guy that makes him taller. Thanks 😀

Angelika Grabowska says:

Bought them yesterday, i got white ones and DAAAAAMMMNN how awesome they are ! love them :3 totally gorgeous !

Alex Hernandezalex says:

i think this vide stands out more because you are the only one who has actual chuck taylor platform usually its maxstar platforms

AlluringAdrianna says:

You are so kind! 😀 I love my new platform converse, they are BOSS hahaha!! I totally recommend them <3 Thanks for watchinggggggg!! ((:

AlluringAdrianna says:

I know right! I was soooooo excited when I saw that they were making them!! hahaha!! 😀 Thanks for watching <3

agrandmasyouth says:

dubstep whyyyyyyyyyyy

Kenia ♡ says:

omg those are fabb

AlluringAdrianna says:

I love them as well! I almost bought them in white, I’m a spazz tho so I didn’t want to get them dirty haha! Thanks for watching! <3 (:

AlluringAdrianna says:

Yey! They are beautiful shoes hehehe.

Leona Chan says:

I got these in low-top orange at the official Converse store, not online.

BraidedLady says:

do they even make them in low-top form??? you could transform your own by gluing three flipflops to the bottom.

Diana Hamid says:

please make a vid of how to style them! @alluringadrianna

Manon Dernelle says:


whereverwithjen says:

Please do a video on how you style them!!

stephanie says:

I have these in white! 🙂

Brianna Nechelle says:

I want these soooooo much, but it’s so hard to find the low tops in these….

AlluringAdrianna says:

You’re so sweet! I actually have horrible acne all over my face…I’m just really good at covering it up I guess! haha! But yep they make the original converse platform now! (: They are super cool! I checked out your channel &subbed! Thanks for watching<3<3 😀

AlluringAdrianna says:

I will try!! 😀 Also, I post outfit photos (some with these shoes included) on almost everyday (the link’s in the description bar)!! 😀 Thanks for watching! <3

Ruth Nicholson says:

i just brought these beautiful beasts, decided to steal your video idea and do an review oops

AlluringAdrianna says:

I think you can buy them in store, but it may be very difficult to find them :O Thanks for watching! <3

AlluringAdrianna says:

I know right! 😛 Thanks for watching girl! <3 😀

AlluringAdrianna says:

I was so excited to find actual chuck taylor platforms, I considered the maxstar but I wanted actual converse hahaha 😛 Thanks so much for watching! <3

briaaaaaaaahhhh says:

ok im 100% sure im buying these

did you see my bag says:

I ordered a pair yesterday, I hope they are delivered soon!

teamisom says:

how many inches is the platform?

I'm Called Olivia says:

Are these real converse?

AlluringAdrianna says:

Thanks so much!! <3 😀

AlluringAdrianna says:

Awesome!! 😀 thanks for watching<3

Rose Rakuen says:

I’ve been meaning to buy some platform converse for a while but I’m really worried of falling over and hurting my ankle in them. :/

Alex Hernandezalex says:

what is the name of the song if you can please tell me.

AlluringAdrianna says:

hahaha!! That’s great! Aren’t they freaking awesome hahaha! I love them. Yey! you should totally do a review! <3 😀 I haven't seen many reviews on these shoez!

Osa says:

i think maxstar did a better job at the design tho lol

Jimbop Camouflage says:

Did they wear down so that they started to look like regular converse after a while? You should show what they look like now.

AlluringAdrianna says:

That’s a great idea! I’ll try!! Thanks for watching! <3

Gabby Apodaca says:

thank you for this video, I really wasn’t sure about the sizing and now I know what size to get. thank you! x

AlluringAdrianna says:

It is! I’m sure you will find them tho! <3 😀 Thanks so much for watching!

AlluringAdrianna says:

Yey!! I hope you got them! They’re awesome(: Thanks for watching!

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