Chuck Taylor Converse Review

This is my Converse as a lifting shoe review.

Take ‘er easy!


PeteMercerFitness says:

They are the perfect all around shoe. I wear them all the time. If you get more serious into lifting; particularly oly and power lifting, then I would consider oly shoes and deadlift slippers. But, Chucks a great primer.

Abrar Zaman says:

an even cheaper option is high street fashion shop versions of converse, they are like £20 and essentially the same thing

PeteMercerFitness says:

Almost any essential movement is performed better when you’re barefoot; standing and walking included. I played around with deadlifting barefoot for a bit. It is great, but when you’re training on concrete, you appreciate the cushioning of socks and shoes, haha.

AlphaMaleLeader says:

My dad would play ball in these in the 60s lol I never would never think they would be for casual and for lifting

David Reed says:

I’ve no plans, not at least at this time , to go oly or power. I want a muscular and lean physique.

Brandon Campbell Diamond says:

Nice review!

Fitness Kiwii says:

Good job. Why don’t you do your exercises barfeoot, since you are at home?

PeteMercerFitness says:

That’s awesome! I spent ages looking around shops in Cardiff and like £42 was the cheapest I could find.

Rob Lombardo says:

Some places here have actual Chuck Taylors for about 15 quid

PeteMercerFitness says:

Nice one! It would be great if things were cheaper in the UK, but that’s just life I guess.

PeteMercerFitness says:

My carpet isn’t that soft unfortunately, my socks tend to slide, and I kinda just like having a solid sole under my feet. If I had a mat flooring like a gym maybe I’d prefer it.

PeteMercerFitness says:

I have actually seen a very similar low top shoe in Primark for dead cheap, but I’d prefer to have a really well made shoe that will hold together for a long time. These aren’t by any means the only cheap option, just one I’ve plumped for and am really pleased with.

PeteMercerFitness says:

Thanks Brandon! It did take a while to think what to say about them. It’s not like you need to explain what a shoe does…

Lion Cross says:

Picked up Chuck Ts here in the states for $45

David Reed says:

Pete, thanks for your video about what shoes to wear for the gym. In truth, I’d never considered Chuck T’s for the gym however your reasons make perfect sense. I like Chucks for fashion reasons too.

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