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Q Graham says:

Can’t beat OG Chuckles

CiG ALERT says:

why the hell are you talking about addidas. this video is BS

Aaron Gibbs says:

I have those chucks except the allstar logo and heel stripe is brown suede. Dope I love em.

Justin Wade says:

I need to grab my pair of chuck 2…

wizkid8205 says:

The wackest sneaker in the history of wack sneakers

Ehhha awn says:

Still sad they took out the line 🙁

Nishant singh says:

if all star 2 wasn’t even made then there would be no complaining about the all star 1

michael bautista says:

yo anty the 1970’s chuck taylor.

Frederick Idk says:

the chuck taylor 2 really got the upgrade, and its so much more comfortable. the chuck taylor one was atrocious in every category besides looks, like those things really were some of the most uncomfortable things. they were like bricks.

Jonathan Ayotte says:

Picked up the grey ones for back to school luv dem

kosdaf says:

what size should i go if i wear us11 on the ultraboost?

Robert Overdorf says:

The simplicity of the original Chuck Taylor’s is what makes them (hands down) the best shoe ever. They’re all I’ll ever wear, and they’re the only shoe that looks better, once it starts to show it’s miles.

Ben Krohn says:

You didnt wear your chucks because of the box

SkyMine says:

If anyone knows where i can get that color with size 7 i will be appreciated.

don jones says:

1. Buy the original Chuck Taylor
2. Buy comfortable insoles from Walgreen
3. Insert insoles into original Chuck Taylor
Kablam! You just made your own Chuck 2

chuckzzz says:

chuck taylor 2 was discontinued, seems people love the looks of classic chucks more.
I don’t hate chuck2, I have 2 pairs, the black and the green gum which is so cool. But yeah, chuck is chuck, chuck is classic. Chuck 2 is too Nike imho lol

Glad Nike now focus releasing classic vintage chucks such the 70s, 60s etc. Thicker sole, more comfortable insole, more robust

Merciful Avenger says:

The huaraches only come out in the uk first because almost everyone has them and all the chavs buy like 3 pairs

Janik Nyhuis says:

Video starts at 3:30

Liam Willett says:

I got the black ones 🙂

SkyMine says:

What the color that you have? I don’t think i saw that color available online

benjamin Conwell says:

follow me on Insta @sneaker_gram99 just started a sneaker page only 3 posts rn but many more to come

T. Gordon says:

wish Converse would give the original Chucks the technology update that the Chuck II has, while retaining the original Chuck Taylor look. There’s no reason for a shoe to be that uncomfortable in this day and age.

ding dong says:

as long as he went to journeys

420 family says:

i got the chuck 1s and im usually a size 15 the were fucking giant shaq could have worn them

wakman756 says:

adidas are flippin’ ugly

Jeff The Killer says:

Hey! I loved the skinny box that the old chucks came in, it was original.

You’regettingtrolled-_- says:

I will still wear my classic black and white converse because I think they look a bit better in my opinion

Jeff Delgado says:

They run half size large

41DallasMavsFan41 says:

3:11 is when he talks about the Chucks.

Tysaun kingston says:

i still go for the original model . not comfortable ? well yeah it is not, if you’re not gonna wear any socks . best thing for me about chuck taylor is you dont have to be concious about it gettin dirty and wasted it doesn’t matter cause is still looks great even if it gets old .compare to those fancy sneakers you have to watch out on your steps . its not that good when someone accidentally steps on your $200 sneakers getting skeeds and dirt

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