Comme Des Garcons Converse Review | How to Style

Comme Des Garcons Converse Review | How to Style | Men’s Fashion | Caleb Adams

This will be a two part video on my new pick up the Comme Des Garcons Converses. The first part will be a short review of the CDG Converses and my overall impressions of the shoe. The second part I’ll be teaching you guys how to style the shoe. This portion will consist of showing off four different outfits that can be worn with the shoe and giving overall tips and tricks to styling the CDG Converses.


Outfit 1
– Shirt / Forever21
– Chino Shorts / JCrew
– Socks / Vans

Outfit 2
– Denim Jacket / Forever21
– White Tee / H&M
– Black Jeans / Forever21

Outfit 3
– Shirt / Uniqlo
– Chinos / Uniqlo

Outfit 4
– Jacket / Element
– White Tee / H&M
– Light Blue Jeans / Forever21

– Jewelry / Vitaly Design
– Watch / Fossil

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Kanin says:

These badboys are super comfy aswell.

женя сварщик says:

Хейван ты ли это?

Unknown Username says:

i was thinking of getting of getting some CDG shoes. I watched this video and this guy spot on described it, im defiantly gonna cop! great content my dude

Valentin Lundin - LINDÖ 6B says:

I’ve copped em 🙂

teodora says:

idk why im watching this since i already have them but ok

Tdrex820 says:

What size did you cop & and what size do you normally wear in shoes ?

Les ツ says:

Hey man I’m really thinking about buying the shoes but what’s holding me back is the sizing. People say size down your size since these are made bigger? My question is I’m a size 7 in women’s should I get size 6 in women’s? Please respond I really love these and want them

Filip Tokarz says:

Can you send me the link to where you got the jacket from?

arrow says:

clean fits! I’m considering getting these. How do you think they’d look with some Dickies?

Lil Pump says:

Bro I have these only wear them with Levi 510 rolled up twice at the bottom and any sort of tee or hoodie I recommend wearing these with Nike crew socks

Milan Gees Pedersen says:

Oh yeah yeah the takeover

Shamu Butanding says:

What do you think about Adidas track pants with the shoes btw love the videos.

brobis mmmmmmm says:

I’m a size 8, what size do you think I should get these?

EddyThe Beast says:

I got the black cdg converse in a size 7 because they wouldn’t get dirty as easily brcause where I live, it’s mostly raining

Gabriel West says:

Can you do the low tops?

Ayanna Bowel says:

Where can I get these?

vince s. says:

For me a big part of personal style is originality and these are not original

justicesz says:

Ugly outfits

So So Clutch says:

Fuckin Dope Bro

Mat says:

nice vid love it!! and I was wondering what your jeans jacket was from where and from which brand at 5:50??

Rudy Ortiz says:

hey by any chance are these converse color white or color egret ?

Mokipiliadus says:

Outfit 2 was hard af

Sir Meursault says:

wow, generic mens outfits, so cool, much fashion.

Oh Discomfort says:

If im a 10.5 what size should i order ?

NinjaPanda says:

I’m subbing this man dislike supreme like me, but really though supreme is a box stitched on a wool or something jacket and they goes “alright bois this gonna be 1k-3k”

Young_Nut Busta says:

You deserve more views man ur videos got a lot of quality but would you do a how to style Nike huaraches

_Music boi says:

Ik the shoe is cream, would it look good with white jeans? Or what Kind/color jacket?

Yasen Khelifayasen says:

I love how on 3:35 you made sure you kept eye contact , greatly done sir also the outfit tips are great cuz I suck at styling !!!

Isaac Vinales says:

someone get this man some hand warmers I think he may have been cold during the outfit part rubbing his hands the whole time.

TopaZerKean Games and Airsoft says:

Would khaki top look okay with the shoes in your opinion?

Btw quality content here!

PUGZ says:

That’s not white that’s cream

Emy says:

I’m 8.5 in women’s and I heard sizes run big, what size should I get?

brqkeboy says:

Ima size 8 do I get size 7 or 8, I heard they run big

Sharlow says:

Because these are a unisex shoe would a woman’s size 6 fit me if im a male size 7

Ferrarigraveyard says:

Everyone and there grandma has these shoes nowadays

Brandon Lee says:

I think I’m gonna buy some cdg converses now

Victor Huerta says:

Should i get white or black? What y’all think?

Atharva Dharphale says:

I really feel this channel is gonna blow up keep up the quality stuff bro

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