Converse Chuck II Boot Review – Wait that’s a boot!?

Taking a look at the new winter ready Converse Chuck Taylor II Boot! Can we get this video to 400 likes?

I would recommend going .5 down in size for these!
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CMA Production says:

Thanks for the review. I live in Vancouver and still raining no stop. I will buy this shoes tomorrow:>

SneakerTalk says:

I would recommend going .5 down in size for these!

Javier Yanez says:

Never had converse before.. but I’m considering these ones

Duuurrriii says:

is it unisex?

Eric Silver says:


The time lapse guy says:

I love this boot so much I need to purchase them #sneakertalk50k

manny 100 says:

#sneakertalk60k #SneakerTalk50k ……do u have xs merch?

Joshua Hammon says:

how comfortable are they while running

Ben gilbert says:

would these be all right for walking/ playing in deep snow

Atibhav Damodaran says:

How’s the durability on this boot?

Bini says:

I live in a tropical country and it rains a lot here, so would you still recommend that shoe or would it be too hot?

Wildfire says:

Pisses me off that these are sold out everywhere in Canada ffs.

they look so god damn good.

Although it doesn’t help that he walks like a faggot in them, that does not make them look good at all.

Rick Sanchez says:

You’re a fag! Kill yourself

Halomoan Pasaribu says:

thanks! but dude your video is interlace

Tareq Sattar says:

Hey Christian

Are these actually warm on days like today in Toronto?

Andres Marrero says:

BUYER BEWARE, these shoes are SUPER TIGHT!!(literally) If you’re getting these make sure they’re one size larger cuz these grip your foot and wont let go. I ordered them online and had no idea these would actually fit tighter than my actual size. A bit dissapointed though they are premium made

Francisco Flores says:


Sreezy says:


Federation of Death says:

Thanks For The Video! You Just Showed Me The Perfect Shoes For Winter! I’m Totally Going To Pick Up A Pair!

duelistyuma says:

U haven’t been really uploading clogs lately #sneakertalk50k

William Lkhajii says:

Is this winter boots (answer quickly plz)

Effici3nt says:

Where did you get that hoodie from?

Brandon says:

i got these and im so dissapointed with them 🙁

Jeffrey Mejia says:


Marian says:

great video just subscribed yaaay. also where did u get ur sweater/hoodie?

Peter Shen says:

Would these be too warm for summer?

Mariam Kefelew says:


Famous Seamus says:

wetsuits do not prevent you from getting wet, they just warm up the water

xmusa says:


Jorge Ramirez says:

+Sneaker Talk thanks

jessica Ftw says:

#SneakerTalk50k #SneakerTalk60k

Jitesh Rasiklal says:

Nice video. By the way, is it suitable for summer? thx in advance

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