Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars (Hi-top) Review

My thoughts on the most classic gym shoe of all time.


Tacobuddy11 says:

How is the ankle support in the high tops

Chase 822 says:

I so agree ive worn converse since i was 8! and i will probably wear them for the rest of my life XD


try fucking great shoes for ankle support.

UrbanExploring 101 says:

I owned a pair of these before and they costed atleast $54.99 and lasted a year .no rips or anything,they do however loose their grip after a while especially if you like running or walking alot.also have a great look, any one who is looking for a fairly priced pair of shoes that have a clean nice look to it also. i recommend these.

LegionnaireScout says:

Is it posible to order larger Numbers ? I have a larger foot, 47/48 EU – 14 US, but the stores only sell max 46 EU ( thats a 12 1/2 US I guess ) I like these but its frustrating to not be abel to get them, anyone know if they manufacture larger numbers anywhere, please

Sensate says:

are those for wide feet?

footaballmaniaTV says:

And converse is not even a preformence shoe and its $ 50

JuicyBigBlue69 says:

What are the second pair of shoes called?

Brandon Ivey says:

I’ve never even worn a pair of Converse. I only wear Nike.

Mike D says:

Both men and women wear converse

Naman Patel says:

how to make it short?

Abhi - J says:

Dude I bought a made in India one for 8 $ – the classic navi blue one

footaballmaniaTV says:

Nike or Reebok are way way way better then those crapy shoes

KavvTV says:

Nobody wants to hear you ramble about converse for 6 minutes

Truth Be Told says:

if your worried about comfort just get Chuck taylor 2’s

Bailey Ford says:

Are they women’s or mens

Deathreaper 663 says:

You should try the vintage U.S made converse, quality is far superior to modern converse, just watch out for the ones with the rubber dry rotted.

Karl Alcance says:

They aren’t that expensive what are you talking about? $50 for shoes that you’ll wear for a year or two is worth it.

Hunter Silva says:

Bruh ur cheap my Jordan’s cost like $190 I’m getting the elephant print converse inspired by the air Jordans elephant print. Look it up, you might be interested their only $70

LegionnaireScout says:

Anybody know if its posible to buy larger numbers anywhere ? My foot size is 47/48 EU 14 US, but the stores sell max 46 EU 12 1/2 US, anyone know if there are online stores that have larger sizes ?


actuall 20$

Chris R. says:

What store did you get them at for that price

Terry Hesticles says:

Hey why did you put an insole in you black converses for your arch?

NotaRapper says:

Bruh. These shoes aren’t expensive at all compared to the rest of the market, look at any, ANY performance shoe from nike and the price is around a hundred dollars and up. Granted these aren’t for performance but still if you take a look at air force ones from nike, they’re essentially starting at 80-90 dollars. Converse’s brand name will cost you nothing compared to Nike’s. Adidas’ stan smiths retail at 75. At the end of the day, if you want shoes anymore, it will cost you 50 dollars from brands like nike, adidas, puma etc. Whether or not its fair given the materials they use for the price the consumer pays… I don’t know. But one thing is for certain, you will pay for a brand name.

Cybertron commander says:

damn I only have Nike Jordan and vans old skool

quad core says:

A black tag less Hanes t-shirt, a jet black pair of Levi 501’s and monochrome Converse chuck Taylor’s=Win.

Peter Hades says:

this is mid top

bad13nv says:

Love converse I think I have 40 pairs

I'm a peaceful Teen says:

Sick shoes!^_^

Nick Button says:

Mine were 60 bucks but they are worth it definitely.

mike ham says:

great review my friend 🙂

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