Converse “Chuck Taylor” “All Stars” II (2) | Unboxing, Review & Comparison | Chris’s Kicks

Unboxing, Review & comparison on Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars 2

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nlmaster98 says:

All black just got released in Germany, I got the low version of it.

LBPlayBoy says:

watched your video to make sure the pair I bought for $60 on eBay were legit.. noticed that these are made in Taiwan, I think the old ones are made in Vietnam.. possibly the whole Nike thing. but yes the monochrome would be awesome & definitely going with the black laces..


both laces

Steadfasting says:

Do they sell these at Walmart? My mom only lets me buy shoes at Walmart.

Rafael Jr says:

White laces

Connor Truax says:

I like the black laces

Danang Seta says:

Black, that’s hot..

Steve Chen says:

Definite black laces, bro!

valerie a says:

black look really good.


All cons are made for skating

Adrian McDermott says:

All the chuck 2 laces are the same color as the shoe

Jason Aud says:

Need a new pair of Converse and going to try these, want to wear them to work (navy/khaki’s) so just can’t decide between the more toned down grey or the burgundy which I just really like lol.

xXTearsx0fxSorrowxX says:

Fuck honestly I’d go with white laces not many people will ever know it’s the 2s it’s more for you to enjoy a slightly better feel for your fert

Behind the Mic says:

gonna get these

Josh Peter says:

I suggest you white lace

Michael Aluu says:

I would use the white laces

Robert Hathaway says:

So a year later, how do you like them?

Austin Adams says:

Can anyone else confirm that these shoes are extremely difficult to get on your foot? I don’t know what it is about these new converse but I have to loosen the laces all the way down just for my foot to slide in. The thicker material and elastic bands on the tongue make it quite a challenge. Not exaggerating in anyway. The difficulty in putting on these shoes is mind blowing and painful. Once the shoe is on it fits comfortably with plenty of room.

Enrique Cota says:

Just got these two years later

Grimn says:

i use the black because thw white gets dirty faster

adrian nitu says:

why not 1 black and 1 white?

Valentino Martinez says:

I like the white laces stick to the classic

John Joshua says:

How’s this compared to sk8 ho? Which is better for all day comfort?

Taildragger McGee says:


Dubster24 says:

White i think is better.

Evonne Khalifa says:

And the print at the back “Converse All-Star” isn’t printed this time. It’s carved.

Cooltigerkook says:


ricky ang says:

Can I squat in this shoe?

Skataboy720 says:

Black Laces

darien rojas says:

I would get black laces they look better in the all star 2 cuz the bottom is all white now and I don’t want the laces to get dirty

jimmy7train says:

I like your channel. No crappy music, just down to what the shoe is.

The8-BitNerd says:

iv’e tried both and yes, the 2 is more comfortable but i never though the regular ones were uncomfortable.

The8-BitNerd says:

i have wide feet so getting converse to fit right can be a pain

LBPlayBoy says:

yeah, I actually typed that wrong.. should have been the other way around..

SpawnoftheEd says:

i hate that they charge you 75 bucks for an added insole and a bit of extra padding to the sides… you could just buy some dr scholls inserts and call it a day.

burningknuckle26 says:

The white mid soles really pop with black laces.

Pando says:

I like white Imma put white on mine, just ordered the same show

Dion Jackson says:


Junior The Jinx says:

Wearing them is really a pain in the ass 4 me dude, maybe im not use to them i dont know

cailien says:

black on black baby

holdem5180 says:

thx dude…

Tattergeo says:


Cole Smith says:

These are awesome ✌️

noyal says:

i think black laces would be cool, black is stealth

AwsumG21 says:


B rodz Life says:


Manuel RC says:

I am planning to buy them..and maybe use royal blue laces night look good too

Tromp Entertainment says:

I’ve the video I had the old black and white converses due to being a massive fan of back to the future really like the shoes thinking of getting a pair great review

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