Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops VS. Chuck Taylor 2

Product Review


Jordan Chatman says:

classic chucks are awesome!! I ordered me some a few weeks back and I can wear them with almost anything.

Larry Baley says:

Can I buy your old sneakers please

King Julien says:

actually i wore chuck 2, half size down…
8.5us 27cm jp
most of my shoes
9us 27cm jp

i have wide feet.

maybe he have normal/ long feet, so it’s kind of fine to wear tts…

Zik Nguyen says:

v2 is much better than v1 :v I have it in white, but now it’s changed color in yellow :))

delvega2000 Trotsky says:

non slip tongue is great on the chuck 2 but soles are falling apart. my old chucks are 6 years old and still solid

Michel Bashalany says:

I own both versions but low top and the chuck II looks way better and more comfortable

I'm a peaceful Teen says:

Great video!^_^

Jimmy Soles says:

Are you wearing them with socks?

gentlegoose2 says:

chucks are in style so………………………

luminor007 says:

The chuck 2’s  look seriously deformed and don’t look a good fit… love the originals..  they made a terrible job of the 2’s.  The way the classics wear can not be replicated with these modern materials…if people want modern…go and buy something else.

devra consuerto says:

i love your tattoo .

experiment54 says:

nice review. Sounds like the original chucks help strengthen feet?

Pandorios Pando says:

nice bike

André Guima says:

Take the Lunarlon insole of the chucks II and set into the Original one. BOW!!! Best shoes ever.

Dan Garcia says:

were you wearing socks with them

Sivan Luo says:

That’s a pretty dope tattoo. Thinking about getting one on my leg

Ricky Nihan says:

no socks

Quastic Fudge says:

PF Flyers last a lot longer than Chucks, and they are a lot more comfortable. You should check them out.

LIttle Jeeper says:

Agree the old ones give your feet more room. Old ones are best!

deebee .vida says:

It was a mistake to change the style of the shoe. The new version may be better for your feet, but the updated styling is a turn off to many who prefer the original shoe’s details. (After having been out for more than a year now, its parent company, Nike, considers this shoe to be a big disappointment.)

uvgatorvibes says:

interesting i like how the chuck 2s are dirtier than the original in this video

Johnny Kim says:

how do the chuck classics run in sizing? are they true to size?

Isaia Lombera says:

Original converse wins

Vlad says:

Thanks dude! awesome video!

Nathan Nguyen says:

Is the sizing/fitting the same for the 2s vs the classics?

Uncle Bernard says:

1:52 it does that because you probably got them in a size too big.
if they fit normally you wouldn’t have to lace so tight

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