Converse Chuck Taylor In Depth Comparison | Chuck 1 vs Chuck 2

These are all the differences between the original Chuck Taylor and the updated 2015 model. If I missed anything please feel free to leave me a comment.

If you want to look into the Chuck Taylor 2 shoe then my in depth review of the shoe and its features is here:

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experiment54 says:

No black stripe = no sale

william Mejia says:


Ryan Hodgdon says:

The chuck 2 is literally just the Cons CTS (chuck taylor skate) which came out around 2012 in swede they took that design made it canvas and called it chuck 2… very smart since most people wouldn’t look at their skate selection unless well, they skate.

bdub2868 says:

Chuck II seems too hot for the summer

AJR Benn says:

with size ten feet, maybe needing 11’s I’m gonna look like Im wearing skis or clown flipper shoes

brydon10 says:

I’m a size 11.5 in vans classics. I just bought a pair of chuck 2’s (never had originals). The size 11 looked too long, so I went with a 10.5. Hoping they will stretch a bit in the width as they are pretty snug right now. I laced them up “over under” hoping it will provide a better fit.

William DeMey says:

I love the feel of the chuck II’s, but I can’t get over how plain and lame they look with the monochrome eyelets and stitching, as well as dumping the coloured piping… It irks me so much.

Blue Networks says:

Chucks too look cleaner better to rock with streetwear outfits

Ethan Cope says:

Personally I think chucks look better beat up

Jo-Celine says:

original all the way

dr FeelGood says:

*you forgot to mention the Chucks 2 are $50 dollars more expensive, so just buy the version 1 and go to walmart and buy a pair of gel insoles and replace the ones that comes with, it is way cheaper*

william Mejia says:

are these skateabke

ShittyMcPoopyBalls says:

Lobster scum.


Of corse white !

Frankie Kelleher says:

Chuck 2 has an insole because it’s improved for skateboarding not wearing as a shoe but they do look cool even if ur not a skater.

Tyler Klein says:

Chuck 2’s

axiden says:

I ordered the Chuck 2 recently and have the same size as the first old Chuck. However, the Chuck 2 seems too fit for my feet eventhough it is the same size as the previous one. I am not sure if anyone experiencing this.

Paresh Modi says:

I’ve just ordered a pair of Chuck 1 converse (never had a pair before!) in black as opposed to the Chuck 2 as i want the classic ‘old school’ look. Can’t wait to take receipt of them!. Great video Ryan!!

PRO SKUB says:

Chuck 2s look like cheap knockoffs. No style. Who gives a damn if they’re more comfortable for your geriatric, web-footed self.

Joseph Bentley says:

Wish they would make the classic look with lunorlon cushioning. The old all stars can hurt your feet, but that lunorlon is amazing…way better than nike air.

Kelsey Shover says:

You need to find out which one you like better

Oscar Neumeyer says:

I love original. Didn’t like new ones cuz they would give me a hot spot on the little toe

Jerry Cano says:

It’s cause they are skate shoes

100spurs says:

Chuck Taylor 2’s are way better because it’s comfortable as hell.

älä tule says:

i dont know why they did that×1 000 000

Levix50 says:

So a year later, how do you like them?

Youtube Channel says:

i wish adidas owned converse so they could put boost in the chuck taylors

Marshall Lee says:

is it counter climate?

Javen Edelen says:

I guess you like being uncomfortable

Rachel Meyer says:

Good video and very informative; there’s just one thing that I have to correct, is that the rubber padding in the front was not changed which may sound a bit weird, but when I compare my three pairs of converse I have currently (leather, chuck 2, and chuck originals) they all seem to have different lengths, as my leather pair has the longest rubber strips; my original is actually a bit uneven, so my assumption is that it’s just how they were manufactured


made in ?

Majick0003 says:

you will never beat a Chuck Taylor.  it was designed to be simple.  it was suppose to be what it is.  it was the boot that put converse on the map.  I would take a Chuck over a new rendition any day.

John Stanly says:

chucks aren’t suppose to look clean

Patrick Murillo says:

Chuck 1 is dbest

Brennan Bowyer says:

I got the all black chuck 2s with the lunarlon cushion

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