Converse CTAS Pro Weartest Ft. Zach & Cole Garrett

Two heads are always better than one so we gave pairs of the Converse CTAS Pro to the brothers Garrett for review. After several weeks of thrashing and smashing, Zach and Cole came back with some things to say and a stack of footy. Check it!

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Filmed by: Tuan Nguyen
Music by: Ike Check (

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•••Richy_sb••• says:

Can grab a pair of these for $40 brand new should I buy a pair or hold out for another pair of shoes?

RazzBerry says:

Wow u guys are excellent skaters! I can’t even do that!

Constanza Morales says:

Are these more comfortable than the Chuck Taylor II or the Nike Janoski Zoom?

Angello Cabungcal says:

converse maganda meron din ako ng ganan kaso black

Kenneth Hermano says:

what’s the name of this song?

daniyluppert says:

Hey, I’m planning on getting these soon, do they fit true to size? What size should I get if I usually use 9.5 ?
Video and review was dope btw!

Dewayne Hall says:


BeThrashed says:

Has anyone skated in the new chucks?

Jacob Smith says:

Really want to skate them but I’m not sure if they are vulc or any good for flip tricks

Daniel Nava says:

My regular converse ripped in 5min wtf a week you must have not done any tricks then

stalephish69 says:

so ugly and generic.

monkeyboyskater19 says:

or is this in california, cant tell

allen griffin says:

this supposed to be a wear test but y’all didn’t say anything about the lace ripping which is the reason y i don’t like corporate review bc at the end of the day your main goal is to sell this shoe so why would you say anything bad about it

Subaruuu12 says:

so the only difference from normal chucks are the suede and the lunarlon ?

CaptainPicklePants says:

What’s that song? IT’S AWESOME!

lifeofnatt says:

Really want to skate them but i dont think they’ll last that long!

monkeyboyskater19 says:

this is in phx az right

alex andew says:

These or the ctas Pro Hi is what I only skate i recommend a fresh pair of these straight out the box and just skate them they are already broken in. Another thing skatewarehouse what is then difference between the ctas pro and the ctas pro ox feel me in thank you.

buiquocdat25061996 Dat says:

Is there a different version? Because in my local skateshop this shoe has ‘CONS’ on the front of tongue instead of ‘All Star’. I asked about and they said they didn’t know it lol :’/

anthony romero says:

This is the best person to be sponsered for anything

Jim Shayna says:

hey bro. can i have your shoes ? its my birthday.. oct 18. im from philippines 😀

Amy Perez says:

they haven’t ripped because you suck

Pinche Pendejo says:

Don’t waste your money buying from this site. has them cheaper

Exile says:

Just bought the suedes. Skate Warehouse your Golden State Delivery is A1. The lunarlon is great & is very fun to skate in just feels right. My logos say cons instead of all star would’ve preferred the all star logos but just a minor thing no biggie. shoes are great & SW service was awesome thanks

Sauli Eskelinen says:

What’s the beat/song at the talking part.(biist shoes)

Ethan Hodges says:

The guy at 1:25 made me laugh harder than I should’ve

Kring Ferrer says:

do they come in mid cut? that would be awesome w extra ankle support!

Gianni Hernandez says:

do they fit the same as regular Chucks?

Matthew Yagunich says:

i have the high top ctas pro and they ripped within a few days but with shoe goo they are pretty good cuz the soals dont ware down fast at all also the laces never ripped and ive had them for two months

JENKApro says:

If the video is sponsored you have to say so it’s illegal not to

Jacob Smith says:


Steven Flores says:

I’m a 6 I need to get a 5/5 and if I order them do they come deformed

noah lasheras says:

sickest skate shoes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Estevan Vega says:

Stay true to size?

scott bair says:

bottom falls out of these shoes do not buy it’s a rip off converse/Nike are greedy

johan says:

really who wears converse to skate

Omer Cortez says:

1,2,3,4 how many 180s are in my store

Nathan says:

These or Nike nanos?

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