Converse Modern VS. Converse II 2 VS. Converse 1 | Full In-Depth HD 1080p Review 2016

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Wondering which Converse All Star model you should buy? In this video we compare the brand new Converse Modern with the Converse All Star 2 and the original Converse All Star 1. The primary difference between the 3 sneakers are the materials, as the silhouette is relatively the same across the 3 models. Each newer model is more expensive than the next, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Each model plays a different role and it depends on your style, needs, and overall budget. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and if you have any questions, comment down below. Thanks 🙂

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타우픽 says:

the white one is like apple box

ZeeTheBee says:

Hey I need help on which color to buy……..I’m getting the all star II and I’m trying to decide on black or red. I know black goes with almost everything. But I have a lot of red clothes and co,ores that go with red like blue but I can’t decide

Zorlaq says:

I hope they make a whole black solid version of the converse modern, I don’t like the knitting style.

Đạt Trần says:

The chuckII made in VietNam :)))))) my country

Eliazin Cruz says:

which do you guys recommend? I’m getting a pair of Converse 1’s for the first time and I don’t know should I go low tops or high tops?

Woofy Woofs says:

many people say these shoes r uncomfortable, is it right?

sean says:

i think i legit ably have the originals lol i like them and their boxes

IAmFozzy100 says:

HEAT LedgerHey, whats the width like on the modern? Struggle with the all star being to narrow for my foot.

Jordan Levy says:

I see that your white classic ones got 8 laces holes. I saw that some got 7, is there a reason that some got 7 and some got 8? I’m looking for a classic one with 8 laces holes but I see online only ones with 7. I’m size 41 eur,8 usa, 7.5 uk

Adan Garcia says:

The real question is, which ones can I lift better in?

Sage69 says:

It looks like a transformation going right to left. Nice vid +Heat Ledger! I still don’t like that they didn’t have the toes rubber.

Conqwiztadore22 says:

i want all star patches on both sides, the empty side looks so empty

Suman Pattnaik says:

if they ever replace the classic i m gonna find them and den gonna kill dem 😛

bdub2868 says:

Why can’t you buy new insoles for Classic chucks?

WTVlog says:

Your showing me all kinds of shoes I would have never thought of looking at

PrettyBoyVortex says:

how much do they cost?

Erik Rave says:

Hi Heat, when are the Moderns avaiable in stores?

TotallyNotAce says:

I’ve got some originals 😛

browe3 32 says:

I’m size 10 and I’m 11

John L says:

I bought a pair of Chuck II. It just arrived today and unfortunately, it’s too tight around the toes. I have a pair of Classic Chucks which are size 7 (25.5 centimeters). My feet are about 25.5 centimeters so I also went with a size 7 for the Chuck II. After wearing them for half a day, they stretched out a bit but it’s still very uncomfortable and painful even. Looks like I’ll have to return this pair of Chuck II.

10199ULTRAMATIC says:

I wish Converse was still made in the USA because Nike just made the Chuck Taylor’s uncomfortable and the materiel is bad. Chuck 70s is a step in the right direction.

Ten 10 says:

More like Converse All star 1, Converse All star 2, and Nike All star modern.

Aaron Johnson says:

how is the grip on the Moderns? I wear Chuck 70s and Chuck IIs for indoors basketball, and they work just fine. Could you wear the Moderns for balling?

luminor007 says:

Classic all the way.. the others look too sensible and boring and have no history.

SquabbleGrabble says:

i like my Converse in Leather

nassmatic says:

I have a pair of converse moderns…amazing lightweight shoes….i had to up size them though….do I use regular soap and water to clean the white areas?

ShittyMcPoopyBalls says:

Too soon.

Beth Holmes says:

Damnnn, even Converse now. I see a recurring pattern of companies basing their highest-end shoe off of damn YEEZYS. Personally, these look dope in comparison to Yeezys though, I will give them that

ballislife2351 says:

Nice that you took sum of your time to reply to everyone

Suman Pattnaik says:

converse 1 is my go to shoes ,i hv about 35 diff shoes but i wear my converse almost 5 days a week

R Russell says:

not paying over $100 they are crazy keep it classic bigger box for money

Eddie Koh says:

Loved the informative vid, but would it be better if you do it on a surface of a different colour as opposed to the white of the shoes?


um brasileiro que ama canada S2

Charles C. says:

I received some Converse All-Star Hi Street. I actually like the feel of these better than the original ones. The support around the ankle is an improvement. I haven’t tried the All Star II’s with the new sole insert so far, but for now the Hi Street’s are my favorite.

Korkwan Chan says:

I’m from Singapore, it’s not available in the Converse here. Any idea where can I get it online that ships to Singapore?

Leonardo Antonio says:

I feel like they kinda ruined my image of converse because i see them as a classic never changing shoe but now I see them as this sporty futuristic kinda shoe

HateTheBearsFTW says:

how do I get my hands on these? I can’t find them anywhere and I really wanna cop some

Janae Fuller says:

as much as I like the new design I think I’ll stick with the less expensive classics. I just don’t feel comfortable walking around in snickers that are over 40-50 dollars and besides the older and beat up they get the more sentimental they are

Jeff Delgado says:

I wish if they didn’t forget that kinda tongue for the modern!

Lawrence Salacup says:

first for basketball

Max Manley says:

how do you buy the converse modern?

Griffin Shell says:

I have the white bottom tops or what ever they’re called

Andrew Mackey says:

thanks man, very helpful video!

assassisteve MC says:

Cons 2 are for,skating

JB Heat says:

Yo, the converse all-star modern is just fire! I love them! I like the dark gray! It just looks awesome! The boxing is really cool and I like the high top part of it! Thanks for doing the review! I wish I could get a pair!

Kingrai 15 says:

What color is the modern?

Jodry Clayton says:

Thanks for the sizing comparison. This helped a lot.

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