Converse One Star Pro Skate Shoes Wear Test Review –

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The Converse One Star Pro skate shoes are a callback to the OG 1974 edition and early 90’s reissue that was embraced for its minimalist design and excellent board feel. Complete with a Lunarlon insole for added protection these are a great choice whether your trying to get technical on a ledge or jump down a 10 stair. This new rendition brings back the classic hairy suede with an added memory foam collar for a comfortable and snug fit. Check out Tactics Customer service representative Bryan Lau put the Converse One Star Pro Skate Shoes to the test in this Tactics Skate Shoes Wear Test Review.

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YollowBoys says:

Is the ka3 better?

Myles Goldman says:

that first trick was dope hahahaha

holgaholic says:

What board are you riding?

1couchy says:

Anyone know what wheels these are?


Is this Brain from the tactics, the one that works the phones?

josgua rodriguez says:

This dude told me everything I wanted to hear during this shoe review so thanks Bryan #anotherone

Jared Erickson says:

what deck?

Connor Dunnagan says:

Anyone know the board setup?

sneakersurabaya says:

please watch my video sneakers review thanks 🙂

GATE 'o RADe says:

I’m a Vans lover, but my last pair of shoes that I just bought are those one star pro. Damn they look sexy but I can’t fucking comprehend the size of them, they’re like small but big
The same thing happened with the boardfeel, I’m even scared to do an ollie because I can’t feel my board, maybe the rubber it’s too thicker but most of the tricks that I do now are lower and scarier to land than the normal

Yellow Woman says:

this fucking shoe honestly provided me 8 great months.they ripped open at the left side After 3 months and ripped open ever more but the sole and inner parts are still glued together.
what sucks is a friend of mine skated these for 2 weeks and the sole ripped off. and btw yes i do flip tricks and am out on my board as much as possible(4 to 7 days a week)

Hassle Tom says:

Converse cons are awesome skate shoes ! Glad Bryan tried them on to tell his thoughts on them, he is the man !

Ethan Mosier says:

do they run big or small?? in size 8.5-9 but converse tend to run big

Craig Kubicki says:

hell yeah dude love this kids style!! I couldn’t do a damn thing he did on that cruiser

Tony Nguyen says:

I tried a full size and half size down. I wear a 10 and I bought the 9.5. A full size down felt like it was gonna blister my toes. I will say that these shoes are really pointy so there’s gonna be a little room off the toe especially if you’re wide footed like me. You’ll have to adjust your usual foot placement to compensate, but you get used to it after a couple of sessions. These skate awesome tho.

Thomas Lopez says:

“I do a lot of flatground flip tricks” Lol not one flip trick in this video

10711851 says:

what board is he riding?

Harry14 says:

0:15 they look shredded

marcus holt says:

That Board ??????

T Lizzle says:

Go a half size down?

stalephish69 says:

back in my era, our shoes had thick toe caps. now, it’s a fuckin crap vulc shoes being skated.

Jay says:

i fucks with this guy’s style. He’s got that Mark Gonzales/Natas Kuapas late 80’s early 90’s feel to him

josgua rodriguez says:


VOGH says:

what’s his ig

ditc210 says:

what trucks & board was he using? thanks?

Tobias Thomsen says:

DO a review of the Converse ctas High

zoizeaux says:

Should I go down a full size or just half

iiCkyrox says:

I wear a 7.5 in everything but w the chuck Taylor’s I got a 6, so rn I’m stuck between getting a 6.5 and a 7. I’m not sure if the One stars are a little bigger in size like the chucks. I need help ASAP!!

Pineapple_Man014 says:

I feel that I’m the only converse skater that doesn’t skate hipster-like.

Edgardo Lupisan says:

Does it have a great board feel?

Christopher Little says:

like his style and the old school board

pedropepperoni says:

does converse do the same thing as nike were you need to sell a minimum of ike 10 000$ of there brand / shoes or is that only nike and adidas?

glasssOFOJ says:

Yes Brian, but even a packed out Lunarlon insole is better than 90% of shoes that just come with a paper thin piece of cardboard!

Logan Poe says:

you are amazing on that old school board dude

Ian Turnbow says:

Finally people speaking the truth on the Lunarlon insoles.
Myself and many others have found that the new “molded” Lunarlon insoles that come in the updated CTAS, One Star Pro, and KA3 all pack out within a couple weeks. And I have never had a problem with the Lunarlon insoles — I still use several older models and they are all much better than this new shit.

marcus holt says:

Is this satire

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